New Glycaemic Index (GI) Results

Hey everyone,

We have some new results to share. If you’re unsure what the GI is you can check out our article here. Remember anything below 55 is classed as low GI.

v3.1 Bars - 36

Black Edition - 19

If you’re wondering why Black Edition has a slightly higher GI than v3.0 (16) it’s most likely due to differences between the people that took part in the trials.


@Dan_Huel what about H&S? When do you think you’ll have the results?

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I thought it was due to tapioca starch and coconut sugar in Black Edition. Those contain simple carbs. And the type of carb has a strong influence on the GI value.

If you take the total carb content into consideration you should rather talk about the glycemic load.

Why is it that you constantly talk things down? I thought you were just providing critical analysis but the way you convey any message that you have seems to always be negative.

I don’t know what your native language is, so perhaps this is a little lost in translation, but the fact is that we were provided with some (actually really useful) new information and a suggestion as to why the data wasn’t exactly to their liking but still they released it officially.

And so you responded arrogantly and, to be frank, quite rudely? Why? Do you have a particular hatred of this company?

I’m a bit of a fanboy at times, but this isn’t one of those times @mbs I’m communicating what an increasing number of Hueligans have said to me privately.

You like to speak bluntly, so I’ll be blunt. There is as yet no consensus of opinion as to whether your are either a troll or just stupid.

I’m done defending you, put your thoughts into a nicer way of speak or just shut up please. This board and more importantly this community has absolutely no place for toxicity, there is far too much around us in the greater world already.

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Good question Ivan. We sent all 3 H&S flavours off for GI testing this week so it won’t be till 2021 we get the results back.

I don’t want to give a firm date because there have been a lot of delays this year because of COVID so can’t guarantee anything.

I get where you’re coming from, but the GI is influenced by more than just carbohydrate. For example, fat and fibre slows the absorption of carbohydrate and so will result in a lower GI. This is why chocolate has a medium GI value.

With a GI difference of 3 it’s so small that I’m pretty confident in saying the differences between the participants taking part in each trial had a greater effect.

@mbs is an active member of the community @Talort. Thanks for defending us but people can come across, and be interpreted differently, over the internet. Let’s give everyone the benefit of doubt and stick to the main discussion.

I’m not always given the benefit of the doubt when I call ****s ****s.

One rule for me and one for everyone else.


Active member of a community is one thing

Active troll is quite another. I have given him the benefit of doubt for quite some time, to the detriment and disbelief of others because I am so open to debate. However it has gone on long enough as far as I’m concerned.

Others may have a different opinion, perhaps I’m the one in the wrong here, I’ll just ignore whatever he says anyway henceforth.

I stand by what I originally wrote in its entirety.

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@ talort:
Why are you so aggressive? What exactly was the problem with my post? I just wondered what influenced the GI values; but yes, this may not be that relevant for everybody - I understand that.

@ Dan:
This makes the GI hard to interpret sometimes, that’s true. I still wonder whether a low GI really increases satiety. Maybe there are also individual differences, but I often asked myself whether black edition or v3 had the “better” carb source. And I still don’t know what would qualifiy something as “better” carb source. There seem to be more complex carbs in v3, but maybe the higher fat and protein content in Black Edition makes up for that with respect to the blood sugar response.

I was not being aggressive old bean.

Probably not.

There’s an recent study that looked at carbohydrate quality that you might be interested in. They determined quality based on low GI, high fibre, high wholegrain: total grain ratio and high solid carbohydrate: liquid carbohydrate ratio.

Thanks for the link and the additional information, Dan! I really appreciate your scientific approach and always quick responses.