Black Edition - Tapioca Starch, GI Value - Not very Healthy

I tried Black Edition but noticed I was not “fuller for longer” compared to v3.0.

I read the ingredients and noticed it has tapioca starch which is a medium GI value starch compared to oats. Not the healthiest as far as this is concerned (17 out of 20):

You have stated v3.0 has a GI value of 16. What is the GI value of Black Edition?

(FYI I have stopped buying Black Edition and moved back to v3.0)

Have you tried adding another scoop of Black powder to fill you up for longer.

Satiety is complex. We should receive the GI results for Black Edition in the next month. We are expecting a similar GI because of the high fat and fibre content both of which lower the GI. Rolled porridge oats have a GI of around 50-55 it doesn’t mean they’re bad.

You can check out more here.

I’ve never felt as full from protein heavy meals as I do from carb heavy meals. No idea why but just assumed it was science.

I don’t feel as full on Black, but man I feel good. I’m doing a couple hundred miles cycling every week at the moment and haven’t had DOMs or any other problems like in the past, I’ve just been able to stack up the miles and feel great doing it.


Do you have an update on the glycemic index and glycemic load of Black Edition?

No sorry, we don’t. COVID has delayed our testing for this.

I’ll let you know as soon as we have the results back.

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