Huel black no lucine?

Excuse my bad on this if Im wrong I cant see any ref to lucine in huel black
is there a reason ? As alot of people see this as a way to promote synthesis of protein

found it my bad no replies needed

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e Protein Calories BCAAs Leucine
Complete Protein (v1.0)* 29g 20.4g 105 4.8g 3.1g
Powder (v3.0)* 100g 29g 400 5.0g 2.3g
Black Edition (v1.1)* 90g 40g 400 7.4g 3.5g
Hot & Savoury (v1.0)** 95g 25g 400 4.3g 2.0g
Ready To Drink (v1.0)* 500ml 20g 400 3.5g 1.7g
Bar v3.1 49g 12g 200 1.9g 0.9g

Yes it contains leucine. The above I copied and pasted from Huel’s
Breakdown on their website



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