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Ok… I realise I’m going down the rabbit hole here, but I’m deeply (and easily) confused. In the info for Huel Black it says it’s slightly more calorie dense, 90g is 400kcal instead of 100g. Ok, no worries. Was provided with a new scoop, which is exactly the same size as the Huel original scoop. On the Huel original it says “a level scoop” and on the Black just “a scoop”. There’s less powder in the bag, but according to the blurb, the same amount of meals can be achieved… so should I now become very anal and weigh my scoops? #firstworldproblems

for become see always #scoopgate

Some context here - Confusing disparity with scoops and sizes and back of pack info- 2.3 and black 1.0

I just started Huel back in November. Probably V2.3. in my starter pack my scoop was 38g and 3 scoops for a 600ml drink. My next order turn up at V3 with a new 50g scoop and instruction of 2 scoops or 400ml drink.
For January I swapped over to Black and I got another 50g scoop. So I do now is use 1 scoop of 38g & 1 of 50g giving 88g per 400ml drink.

Hope that makes sense. If not I’ll edit when I get home.

I feel you may have opened a whole new can of worms there but cant fault your logic :slight_smile:

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I have just carried on using my older, smaller scoops, its my preferred method :stuck_out_tongue:

When I said I had a new scoop the exact same size, I meant I’ve got 2 of the new wider at the top scoops, not the straight scoop. So they are identical. So, according to the info Tim just sent, they measure roughly 50g, not 45g, which is what it says I need on the back of the Black Pack. But then it does say to use 510ml of water instead of 500ml, which I guess would make it turn out to be about the same… Oh, anyways, I’m off to the relief of going to work! Lol.

there’s a sentence that doesn’t appear in conversation much - have a good day!

Seriously, I just went and bought digital Salter scales at Asda for a tenner last week.

The logical and best solution is for Huel to sell branded scales since the customer base need precise measuring tools.

Do you know what? I think I just might!

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This seems like an odd solution to make, i mean, for Huel the logical and best solution is to keep using the cheap scoops which are working for a lot of people. People use blenders but it doesnt make sense for Huel to release a branded blender just for Huel?

It solves scoopgate, the whole issue of packed /loose scoops, and people are wanting the extra grams and precision which is impossible from the scoops.

Whilst it solves it, i wouldn’t consider it the best or most logical solution for the company. I would consider just amending the packaging to be more accurate and easier and more logical solution :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, or an alternative Huel Black scoop that levels off to 45g instead.

Oh and is it just me, fairly new to this stuff, but looked at various threads in this forum and must admit that this nitpicking on various aspects of Huel, whether it be scoops, or what’s in it, or weights of the bags, etc, is actually great fun and brings out a wonderful inner nerdiness that I imagine drives the staff at Huel insane whilst having to remain polite at all times. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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The staff that post here seem to be the biggest nerds of us all. I’m sure they love all this scoop nitpicking and hope it never ends. I’m positive the weekends drag for them and they can’t wait for Monday morning when they can dive back into this nest of scoop pedants.

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I’m pretty sure you’re right on that one…

Perhaps the scoop isnt the problem, maybe we need huel ground to a tenth of a degree finer to accomodate for air pockets WITHIN the scoops!


Ram - Cunning plan!

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