HUEL Black + Supplements: Rate it + what to add to complete?

A post I’ve been waiting to post for a while

42M here

OBJECTIVES: - Cut to healthy weight

  • Reduce inflammation (CRP, Homocysteine, etc)
  • Improve Endothelial system (PWV, NO, FDM, etc)
  • Mental Health (Bipolar Type 2 on Lamotrigine mood stabiliser)
  • Blood pressure reduction (Essential one since my 20s - on Losartan ARB )
  • Cardiovascular health (on Rosuvastatin statin, heavy family history of cholesterol/CVD + never managed to bring it back to optimal levels by lifestyle and diet)
  • Sexual/Hormones support + Libido (borderline low T - non medicated… yet)
  • Better sleep
  • Cognitive enhancement
  • Skin care

24h electrolytes fast 1x week
18/6h IF during weekdays
Normal eating weekends (cheats ok)
Positive social life Cardio (running and swimming)
40’ 3 x week at Zone 2-3.
Weight-lifting next (once I reach a lower body fat in 2 months).
7-8h regular sleep w/ blocked eyes
12.000 steps/day Regular sauna

100% Huel Black 3.0 (weekdays)
100% Huel Bar Black (weekdays)
2 x eggs (just for the cholesterol - hormones)
4 x lemons (lower uric acid because of fasting)
Multi-Vitamin (non methyl)
PQQ: 20mcg
Magnesium (Malate/Taurate/Glycinate): 300mg total
Vitamin C: 500mg x 3 (time release)
Vitamin D: 5000IU
Pine Bark (95%): 240mg
Collagen: 8-10g
Omega-3: 2.5g (60% EPA)
CoQ10: 100mg x 2
Lutein/Zeaxhantin: 10mg/2mg
Lecithin: 1200mg
Boron: 7mg (cycling)

L-Citrulline: 6g
Arginine: 6g (15g total inc food sources)
Ornithine: 1.6g
Lysine: 1.6g
Glycine: 4g (11g total inc food sources)
Glutamine: 6g

ELECTROLYTES (TOTAL = supplement + food sources)
Sodium: 3200mg
Potassium: 5000mg
K:Na ratio: 1.60
Calcium: 1300mg
Magnesium: 800mg (elemental)


  • Garlic extract (600mg)
  • Ginger HQ extract
  • L-Cysteine (1g) + NAC (600mg)
  • Beetroot shot extract (400mg nitrates)
  • Ginkgo 80-300mg
  • Tribulus/Maca/Tongkat Ali mix
  • Carnitine 500-1000mg
  • Taurine: 400mg x 2

Would you add/kill anything?

Much appreciated