Huel Bottles - thoughts about some adaptations!

My first Huel experience was ‘interesting’…

  1. The consistency of the powder means that the mass of each scoop varies A LOT! Which got me thinking… Why not have the amounts marked on the opposite side of the bottle from the liquid measures? (I now weigh it out.)
  2. I bought Huel because I’m always in a rush… The bottle doesn’t fit in the bottle holder in car - would be a nice perk!
  3. At the traffic lights I decided to take a quick swig, held open the lid on its boomerang strip… If you’re wondering, Huel doesn’t sting if you get a rather generous portion in your eye!

AND… To top it all off, I chose the plain, unsweetened version hoping that my 13 year old son would be repulsed by it… He didn’t mind it, even after I added two heaped scoops of instant coffee to the mix - gotta get my caffeine fix in there somewhere! :joy:

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Glad you’re enjoying Huel. 2 answers to your questions:

  1. The reason the amount varies is because Huel contains air. This would also cause the measure if placed on the bottle to be as inaccurate as the scoops. The only way to be accurate is to weigh the product which is what most pro-Huelers do.

  2. I believe this was mentioned before but there is (or at least was a few years ago) no standard for car bottle holder size. The size of a can would fit but I am not sure if a shaker that narrow would have drawbacks elsewhere like mixability or having to make it a lot taller. Some people have 120g of Huel and 600ml of water.

Another way to get your caffeine fix would be to add a big teaspoon of Cacao powder. This is what I do if I want a morning Huel with some caffeine.

I keep a small digital scale by the blender with a bowl that’s only used for Huel, so just gets a wipe over with a cloth after use most times.

If you’re having crafty swigs of Huel at traffic lights, please say you never visit Neath: it sounds as dangerous as answering the phone


Random comment here…I visited Neath once and bought a Public Image Ltd album in a record shop…don’t remember the shop…think it was in an indoor market…still have the record though…


at least it “only” went in your eye… i seem to have flung it almost everywhere in the car from the small but pernicious amount that lurks inside the lid… arghhhh

on the plus side, the Huel shaker DOES fit the cupholder of a 2012 E class Merc (the taxi i have to drive for a living)…

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