Huel - Breakfast & Lunch - Nutrition & Type 1 Diabetes

I am new to Huel and just tried the vanilla and it is very nice. My aim is to use it for breakfast and lunch for convenience and in order to keep my intake of carbs regular and lose a little weight.

At 3 scoops for lunch and breakfast at 43.5g carbs (approx. I’m using a scoop). and 456 calories x2 this would leave me with 1100 calories for dinner. (Allowing 2000 calories a day, taking my age, height, weight and the fact that I cycle 50 miles to work a week.)

Does this sound about right? Or would it be worth dropping breakfast to 2 scoops?

Is there a table showing the carbs and calorie count per scoop? As per 100g doesn’t easily related to portion sizes.


Courtesy of @philipjohn

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Thank you. That is very useful. To make it perfect my needs – could the Carbohydrates per g / scoop be added?

MyFitnessPal will tell you that