Huel breakfast

Wanted to share my Huel breakfast routine with you all.

Every morning without fail and will make a huel shake for breakfast, this sets me up ready for my busy day.

It’s super quick, easy to make and very tasty. I tend to mix my huel powder with all different types of milk, from almond, hazelnut to coconut. By far for me the chocolate powder with hazelnut is my fav.

If I do have time a will mix a banana into the blender and this would be my breakfast for the day!

At the weekends, when I have that little extra time I would blend frozen berries, with vanilla huel powder and almond milk. This goes so quick as it’s so tasty!!

My huel breakfast is fab for me as I’m on the go all the time, I don’t have time to sit for breakfast so this perfect combination is ideal for anyone who is up and about.

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Great to hear how much you’re experimenting with your Huel - it’s all about finding what works for you! I love having Huel for breakfast too, breakfast can be such a rubbish meal during the week. Bowl of cereal or toast, so it’s great you’re having some super nutritious Huel.

Welcome to the team and keep us posted with how you’re Huel experience is going!

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I love Huel Black with a shot of Espresso in the morning. It’s delicious in both flavours - like a Mocha in the Chocolate or a creamy Latte in the Vanilla!


Agreed. Espresso in a black edition Shake is life.

hazelnut milk and chocolate black is a Big Win.

My staple breakfast Huel is to blend 2 scoops of UU with mixed frozen berries, a banana, maple syrup and creatine. I blend with 50:50 oat milk or almond milk and water.