Huel by nose - is it possible?

Hi Huelers!

I’ve recently broken my jaw in a bad accident involving a collapsible deck chair.

I was wondering if it is possible to take Huel through the nose?

Cheers, stay cHuel

Louis Hueley

As in snorting it or through something like a nasogastric tube?

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Woah, this is a new one on me!

I’m sorry to hear about your accident. You have my sympathy.

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Well either, what would you recommend?

Or maybe some kind of rectal suppository?

bump for visibility

I advise against snorting.
If a nasogastric tube is an option for you, and if you insist on ingestion via your nose this would be the safest option.
However be aware that a nasogastric tube can be uncomfortable and sometimes painful.
Futhermore, I do not believe that huel was intended for this purpose, but if you go this route I suggest watering down the huel significantly.
As for a suppository…no.
Consider consulting your doctor in advance before trying any method, and if they suggest an alternative it might be the way to go.

Good luck. Speedy recovery and all that.

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