Injured and grateful for Huel

I’ve loved huel for a long time. It’s my go to for my lunch or breakfast every day.

But now it’s story time!

Recently I injured myself somehow and developed either ischial bursitis or high-hamstring/gluteal tendinitis. Basically my sit bones are excruciating to the touch most of the time, so I can’t sit, walk, lay, breathe without some distracting amount of pain.
Pain meds help in small increments. I’ve been cleared to take an NSAID and Tylenol on a staggered schedule every 6 hours. So I take one and then 3 hours later take the other and so on. With any pain meds it’s crucial to have food in your stomach when you take them as both NSAIDs and Tylenol are prone to causing ulcers and bleeding of the stomach. (I’m taking prevacid to prevent that)

That’s where Huel comes in. Who is going to make a healthy meal at midnight or 3am or 6am and is it going to be edible by the time you have to eat it in the middle of the night???
It’s not going to happen, and I’m not much of a cook anyway.
Being able to take a few chugs of huel before taking them has been a lifesaver!!!
Truly something that I couldn’t do without in this debilitating time.

So that’s it, if you are injured Huel can be a huge help <3
Later Hueligans!