Starting huel while injured

Hey everyone so I just started huel this week mainly because I just tore my acl and mcl sking and am having a hard time cooking with crutches. My main goal is to not get terribly out of shape while I recover. Is huel a good option for me? and does anyone have any experience taking huel while being in an inactive/recovery state?

I used it as my main stay while convalescing from several major surgeries and it worked great as I wasn’t in a position physically or mentally to really cook or look after myself so it was perfect for that. I used RTD during that period and switched over to powders once I was mobile and in a better frame of mind again.

Welcome, Keith! Sorry to hear about your injuries and, to your question, I would say Yes. I was inactive for a month after getting Gillaine-Barre Syndrome following a vaccination. I’d been on daily Huel for maybe two years at the point, and for a while, it was almost all I could eat, and pretty much the only thing I was able to prepare myself.

Get fit soon!

Wow, bad shit that. What happened?
Have you recovered?

No it happened Monday, I havent even got surgery yet :pensive:. I hit a tree skiing.

Sorry my friend, but my question was to @Lighteater but also hitting a tree full speed skiing…ouch. ACL is one of the worst injuries, but I’m sure you knew that already. Good Luck.

Ah, thanks for your concern, @Coup ! I’ve absolutely fine now.

It’s a nasty auto-immune condition. I had a yellow fever jab ahead of working in Ghana (not yet made it there!) and my activated immune system seemingly mistook my nerve endings for ‘baddies’. For close to a month, my entire torso, belt to collar bone, felt like my skin had been peeled off and I was being rolled in rock salt. The only thing that touched it was liquid morphine. Lost my balance. Could hardly walk. Lost close to a stone. I’ve always been fit and well and this was the sickest I’ve ever been (apart from glandular fever in 1997 and a few bone breaks and dislocations).

That said, it was a blessing. I moved back with my Mum for a month and she looked after me beautifully. She died three months later. I’d never have had the chance to spend so much time with her, living with her, had it not been for the GBS.

Interestingly, GBS is on the list of possible side effects for the Pfizer covid short. So I’m not keen, even if it is a relatively tiny risk…

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I used huel after I’d been shot and ended up getting fat due to lack of exercise and really rubbish food intake.

It worked well for me.