Huel constipation - Fortnightly 'blow outs' (graphic)


Another thing worth looking into is whether you are deficient in one or more nutrients. Even though Huel contains the standard recommended amounts for all nutrients, these amounts are calculated to prevent the average person from getting ill. People are individuals, and some people need more of some nutrients.

The symptom for deficiency of some nutrients includes constipation. These include Vitamin B1, Vitamin B12, and Magnesium. The owner of a health shop once told me that many people struggle to absorb B12 properly in the digestive system, so taking sublingual B12 can be helpful for some people.

Another recommendation: eat a few Huel bars. They definitely make me go. I think it’s the polydextrose.

If all else fails, get some Mag07 pills. It’s a special form of magnesium that increases the water content of your stools. Take 5 of those each day and you almost certainly won’t have any problem going.


Exactly, that was my thought. I’m going to read into it a little more, if something specific comes up, I’ll let you know.
Same problem with smoothies btw, apart from not filling you up as well as if you would eat a kilo of fruit, it’s also rushing through and as the first, oral steps of digestion are “jumped”, some of the good stuff might be lost…


Good stuff. The smoothie example is a good one, and is one that jumped out at me as pretty similar. Too much nutrition hitting the digestive system too quickly can’t be a good thing.

My question is whether consuming Huel after something solid which has already stimulated the necessary hormones and enzymes is more beneficial than drinking Huel straight off the bat with no stimulation. Further to this, I wonder if in this respect, the Huel bar is more efficient…


Apologies for bumping this after so long - but your symptoms are so similar to mine it is uncanny. I’ve been having bloated, backed-up feelings in my stomach for some time now, together with bowel movements as you describe. I’ve been to my GP and am awaiting the results of stool samples.

Since you posted this back in 2017, I’d be curious to hear what has happened since? Have you been able to resolve the problem? Are you still taking Huel?


Man GPs are such heroes that is one job I could not do.

Also good luck with everything mark


Still drink Huel every day I’m at home, probably counts for 80% nutrition. Other 20% is maybe chicken, bacon, eggs etc for the taste and texture contributing to my sanity.

I still get this symptom if I consume Huel as 100% of my diet. I don’t know why, nor do @RebeccaOfficialHuel or @JamesCollier from Huel HQ. Remains a total mystery unfortunately!

Sorry I can’t be of more help.

One thing that caused it a much larger extent was drinking it extremely thick.


Show off…


The fibre profile should mean constipation isn’t a problem. Just make sure you’re having plenty of fluid each day, too.