Trouble keeping huel down

This is a bit weird and I’m hoping to get suggestions. When I Huel I feel it rising in my esophagus for hours. The feeling is very similar to wanting to vomit for whatever reason, but without the discomfort of a hangover or a stomach bug. That’s right, it doesn’t feel that bad, it just wants to get out.

It almost all the time and it stays for hours after consumption. It’s really starting to bug me. I can’t figure out how to force Huel into my stomach and keep it there. The feeling ebbs and flows and I feel like I could easily spew and get on with my life if I wanted to. When I burp I feel like throwing up is imminent, but I can stop it easily. This means I have to concentrate on my digestion which is draining when I want to do other things.

The feeling gets much more pressing if I exercise at all in any way, even a little. And it’s worse if I use Huel right after a workout + shower. When I do exert myself it does get uncomfortable and I have to concentrate very hard on keeping Huel down.

I use 125g of vanilla Huel + around 400-500ml water. I drink on average 2 huels a day now and I would want to increase.

I used to get the same sensation whenever I ate thick soups (before my Huel days). It’s really horrible, you have all my sympathy.
Have you experimented at all with consistency? That sounds quite thick compared to what I have: 80g of Huel per 600ml of water. Maybe thinning it down could help.

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Oh! This was the thin version for me, I will try to thin it out much more tomorrow to see if that helps! Thank you very much for the suggestion.

Be careful having it THAT thick. I’ve been having it super thick since I started on it (it’s nicer, like a creamy milkshake) but every few weeks had horrendous blowouts (constipation then a sudden movement of what felt like pure Huel). Since I started having it thinner, although not as a nice, it hasn’t given me any bowel grief.

Seems to work! Thank you very much! I find this new more diluted huel a bit tasteless, but being in comfort is much more important.

I’m so glad! Happy Huelling.

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