Huel Crispbread

Hey all,

I have a suggestion for a future product. “Knäckebröd” is popular in Sweden. I Googled an English translation and got “crispbread”, sorry if this is not correct. However, I think this would be a good product for Huel to release as it has a great shelf life compared to regular bread (usually months). It would be a great addition to have as breakfast alongside the granola. What do you think?


There are many oat/rice cake type products I’d definitely buy if made from Huel - crispbread sounds delicious :smiley:


Yes. Definitely. It is what I have been trying to bake…

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I’d love this!

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I definitely would buy this!

I’d buy it…especially a yeast extract version…like marmite crisp breads.

anyway @squizzle…I am going to Stockholm in feb for a few days…what’s good stuff to do…Abba related or not. Can you get my favourite band Raised Fist to play a gig in town? Or Refused if not.