Vanilla Huel & Banana Loaf

Now I’m no Delia Smith but thought I’d share this here because I have stumbled across something truly marvellous.

I got given a bag of the new and improved vanilla Huel and quite frankly am not keen on it as a shake so thought I’d try something.

150g Vanilla Huel
3 ripe bananas
60g melted butter (substitute for some oil of your choice if you want to make it vegan)
Teaspoon of honey (this could be left out too, infact I’d leave it out next time)
Teaspoon of cinnamon
Teaspoon of baking powder (if you want it to rise)

So mash the bananas, mix in Huel and butter and other ingredients until it makes a cake like mixture.

Cook in a loaf/cake tin for 35-45 mins at 180C (think that’s around gas mark 5?)

What comes out is a very moist banana/vanilla loaf effort which is really quite excellent :joy:
I guess if you want it less moist and more fluffy cake like them add a bit more Huel or less butter/oil.

It’s going to be the perfect answer to giving me something reasonable to eat before my early morning training runs.


This looks amazing. I’ve got 3 very ripe bananas, so I’ll be making this today, haven’t baked for ages as I don’t have sugar in the house any more.

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Next time I’d leave out the honey and tbh the butter probably doesn’t do much but either so it’s probably possible to get the same results with Huel and banana.

My cooking tends to be a bit like George’s Marvellous Medicine as in I can never quite recreate same thing twice :joy:

Currently munching through a few slices of this loaf as my pre hockey breakfast :grin: