Huel & Depo jab

Hi I’m asking this to the ladies of the group lol. I’m on the Depo contraceptive jab, have been for about 4 years. I had two drinks yesterday and today I have some spotting. I had this before a few months,ago when I tried Huel. My GP has never heard of Huel and isn’t very good with any advice. I’m just wondering if any other ladies on depo has had this? Did it just go on for a few days or longer? Is it just because my body is getting used to hold nutrition? I have an active s*x life and I don’t want my contraception to be hinded!!

I’ve no idea, but my observation is that for double protection you should use the jab in conjunction with a condom… I think it’s called a Jack Sparrow…or is it Johnny Depo?

Yes, I write the Christmas Cracker jokes.


Nothing to offer other than that f’*?ing jag is the reason I’m on Huel! I’d lost 4st, had 1 shot of depo and regained 2st in 2months, plus another 2.5 withing 6months, despite my diet and exercise staying the same!!!

Copper coil all the way!

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I thought all the extra sex would help burn off the calories. My sex life is why I only weigh 37 stone.


I’m not on Depo but I do have a Nexplanon, which is also a progestin type contraceptive. I haven’t had any different hormonal symptoms since I started replacing most of my meals with Huel.

Do you get any changes if you have soy or other phytoestrogen-rich foods? Maybe you’re sensitive to the phytoestrogens in some plant foods.