Huel Dizzy & Weak, oh my!

Here’s the deal, I love Huel. Unfortunately, Everytime I have a drink, I get extremely dizzy. I mean weak, can barely stand, blurry vision dizzy. I know my body so whenever I try something new I take baby steps. I’m only using one scoop and adding it to the same smoothies I’ve always made. I drink about 1.5 gallons of water a day, no caffeine (except the bit that’s in my decaf instant coffee smoothies).

I’ve decided to have my drink in the evening from here on out. I’m on 1500 cals a day so, I’ll do a 500 Cal smoothie in the evening and then kinda veg so when the dizziness comes I’m on my couch and away from heavy machinery :smiley:.

Is this crazy? I don’t want to give up on Huel, my husband has zero side effects, and I want to continue. Does anyone experience this or have a suggestion of what I can do.

1.5 gallons = 7 litres roughly. Isn’t that way too much - maybe youre training heavily and so losing a lot of water via sweat?

oh my that sounds like a LOT of water!
experiment a bit (away from heavy machinery, quite right) and let us know how you get on! are you sure you’re not just giddy with excitement when you tuck into your smoothie? I sometimes start sneezing if I get too carried away making my first one of the day :wink:


Oh, the water thing I’ve done for years, like 20 years. Over the 15-17 hours I’m awake in a day 1.5 gallons is a breeze. I don’t train at all, so no sweating, but thanks for that suggestion. I’ll coast on evenings for a while and see if it gets better.