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I just got an email from Huel inviting me to engage with this third-party lifestyle brand:

Background | History of ThruDark | About ThruDark

That’s a complete misjudgement, maybe the personalised marketing systems need a few tweaks. Or are Huel customers generally into that sort of thing?

I guess its linked to the collaborative contest they are running to win Huel and ThruDark Active wear.

Yeah I get the thing about the prize draw in exchange for personal information or whatever, it’s the macho/military aspect which surprised me. Didn’t expect that from Huel.

The brand is simply playing on their extensive special forces experience in developing the best materials and apparel items they offer for hiking, winter sports, mountaineering, expedition / fitness wear etc.

They aren’t selling military equipment and I don’t see any issue with them using their skills as a marketing or knowledge tool in their business. We all use many everyday things developed by the military so this isn’t really anything deifferent.

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I actually have some Thrudark clothing. It’s built to last. In fact their phalanx hooded top is a great and really warm zipped jumper made from primaloft. Rubbish at keeping out the wind but I use it in cold conditions and it’s really toasty.

The range was developed by two ex-special forces guys. It does appeal to military types. A lot of their customers are ex-military.

The funny thing is though. I didn’t expect there to be that much of a crossover in their customer base. So when I received the email yesterday it did make me chuckle. I thought I’d be the only one.


It’s the whole black edition thing – its ThruDark or health obsessed Darth Vader cosplayers – which is a much more niche target audience I guess :slight_smile:

Yeah I get that. I just thought it was me and @mbs that were black obsessed.

‘cosplay’ is exactly what I thought. ‘fetish’ too, but not in a good way.

Definitely ‘niche’. .

I unsubscribed from the newsletters, not keen on unsolicited gun-toting paramilitary macho types.

Seems perhaps a bit too specific a special interest for a Huel mailout, but maybe I’m in the minority here.

I really only want the Huel newsletter to tell me when they release a new product, and unsubscribed because of all the other ‘filler’ - sadly this is the case with any brand’s email / social media.


I didn’t get this email and now I have fomo :-(((

Hmm, maybe we are individually targeted then?
I’m probably flagged as the belligerent type. :grin:

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I’d agree with that assessment :grimacing::joy:

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Only in pink tulle, boa and slingbacks. :wink:

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:dart: Exactly the same as me. I’ve subscribed and unsubscribed multiple times over the years because it’s frustrating not learning about new product releases/announcements, while getting tons of filler/spam/things I have zero interest about.

Why is it so difficult to simply have an option in newsletter preferences to opt-in only to announcements, media appearances like podcasts, product/version notices, offers, etc like so many other companies do? Currently the ‘Manage my preferences’ page only has tick boxes about why and when we consume Huel, which is clearly aimed at giving THEM value by targeting people more profitably like we’re biofuel, rather than giving US respect, customisation and privacy.

For example, last Huel email was “Why is everyone hating on porridge? :person_shrugging:” Who cares, man? I have zero interest if some random people on social media are spreading dumb negativity about oats. The marketing makes me more annoyed at the Huel brand rather than make me want to spend more. Huel does so many great things right, but doesn’t listen to us about email marketing as it’s been the same way for years.

Just unsubscribed again, therefore will be spending less and missing out on new product releases again now.