Huel Endurance Event Experience - Fan Dance

So first off, to describe the event, the Fan Dance is the nickname given to one of the SAS selection marches, which is basically 14/15 miles in boots and trousers, carrying 16kg plus water and “food” in a rucksack over a mountain and down a track to a point and then back up the track and over the mountain again, generally in unforgiving weather, generally a miserable experience.
My Huel history is that I started using it in April 2017 and have been using it for a breakfast and lunch replacement and a snack throughout the day although have had more and less depending on how I felt followed by normal food in the evening.
Back to the Fan Dance: Having done this event in January 16, Back-to-back in Jan 17 (Saturday and Sunday) and then again this year I have for the first two years, always suffered from cramp really badly, for most of 2017 I have been working on developing working in my heart rate Zone 2 (the so called “fat burning zone”).
Knowing that Huel is good for fats and MCTs as well as everything else I decided rather than the powders and gels, I’d try using it along with an electrolyte tab dropped in a hydration bladder of water.
Prep: I had been consuming at least three per day in the week leading up to the event and then due to the car journey and logistics found myself eating mostly McDonalds on the car trip down to the Brecon Beacons although confident I had consumed most my required nutrients for most of the week.
My plan for the event: have a Huel in the morning before the event and then consume one (split over two bottles) during the course of the event.
My big fear for it: the quantity of fibre made me nervous, will I have stomach problems or desperately need the loo in those four hours?
Pre-event: A last-minute toilet trip that would normally be described as “loose” happened minutes before the start, but who’s to say that wasn’t the Nandos and McDonalds working their magic…or simply nerves?
During the event: sipping from my first bottle and drinking water from the camelback worked well and timed it perfectly to finish the first bottle just before the turnaround point, all this despite the horrendous conditions, (ice and snow pretty much for the first 4 miles and therefore for the last 4 miles).
Turnaround is where I normally start feeling cramp, but got back on the track feeling good and strong…and in 7th place.
Finished in the end in 16th overall out of about 200. Cramp didn’t affect me at all this time.
Conclusion for Huel: I was happy with how the Huel helped and I would definitely plan on using Huel again for when I next do this event, but am still nervous about the high fibre content and with planning to do an Ironman in 2019 would consider using it again, but would need to trial it on the log training rides.


Absolute Kudos for completing the Fan Dance and coming 16th! That’s quite something! Good luck with the Ironman. That’s brilliant that Huel worked so well :grinning:

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That’s brilliant, we’ll done.

I’m a runner and Huel is the only thing I have for breakfast before an event or a long run. If I have an event I have Huel, cacao powder and a big dollop of peanut butter. During I’ve got a camelbak with tailwind in it. I’m a long way from coming 16th tho (unless there’s only 17 people, might have a slim chance then :slight_smile: )