Huel + Erectile Dysfunction

oh and come across it wasn’t an intentional pun…but as I just spotted it, thought I’d bring it up. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I know tons on the issue, I personally had a near miss, but turned out not to be a prolactinoma, I had just had mild hyperprolactinemia which was rectified by reducing stress, and fixing ‘suspected’ low dopamine though various measures.

A prolactinoma (Pituitary tumour) can indeed cause Secondary Hypogonadism (Low T) because it’ll lower LH and FSH output from the pituitary gland to the testicles, so the poor things down there are left hanging with no idea they should actually be doing something, due to the signal essentially being cut/severely lessened, if my explanation makes sense?

It’s very rare/impossible to see someone with a secreting prolactinoma and normal healthy testosterone levels, not without treatment anyway.

What makes you ask?

Feel free to pm me if you want to pick my brains further, don’t want to totally derail this guys thread.


I have that! (secondary Hypogonadism). Originally the docs thought it must be due a tumour causing my underachievement pituitary gland, but it turns out that I have no tumour. Nor have I ever experienced blunt trauma, surgery, or an infection that could cause adult onset Hypopituitarism. It only affects my FSH and ADH.

Well this thread is fascinating. There’s a lot of sex chat on here…if you think Huel quashes your libido, try being married!


You need to introduce Huel to the bedroom…better than whipped cream and honey any day. :stuck_out_tongue:


Old post reference just for the hell of it


Did you get [quote=“saidinsaidar, post:11, topic:7533, full:true”]
I have that! (secondary Hypogonadism). Originally the docs thought it must be due a tumour causing my underachievement pituitary gland, but it turns out that I have no tumour. Nor have I ever experienced blunt trauma, surgery, or an infection that could cause adult onset Hypopituitarism. It only affects my FSH and ADH.

Did you get it sorted? Treatment?

More or less, on testosterone and Desmopressin for the rest of my life but never mind, it could be worse :slight_smile:

Good, at least it’s getting sorted, although you should be on Clomid or HCG not Testosterone, but I won’t go there if it’s all working out well. If it’s any consolation I’m on trt too, I’m however primarily hypogonadal.

I expect that the HCG is likely what I’ll end up on when it comes to fertility issues that are likely present, but as I’m not planning on having kids for another couple of years, they’ve said that we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it I think.

But yeah, at least I have some sense of normality now, which is good.

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Good, at least you feel well, the reason I mentioned hcg is there will be nothing wrong with “down there” if it’s secondary, however, endocrinologists totally forget this and thus unnecessary sacrifice fertility by plonking guys who are secondary on testosterone, luckily the current consensus is HCG will act as a temporary undo button, and resume natural production again.

How lucky that a fellow Hueler who saw your post just happened to be an expert on the subject matter! If only all our discussions went like this one :joy:

On a separate note, I feel like nobody has mentioned psychology too much, is there any chance the OPs issue was not strictly a physical issue? Switching to Huel can’t be the only change in someone’s life, and even if it is trying to regulate a new diet could be stressful, and stress never helps much in the bedroom


Wow this is like reading a copy of Lancet lol :joy:

Had to look up what that even is :joy::joy:

But yeah I see your point…

I’ve been using huel for a little over 2 months and can say I have noticed a dramatic DECREASE in my sex drive. Not sure if it’s the main cause however I eat a healthy diet outside of huel don’t drink or smoke and have good testosterone levels. I’m 5’9 145lbs 35 and can run a mile in 5:20 so I’d say I’m in pretty good shape compared to most people.

More concerning is I met a gorgeous women a week ago and have not been able to get it up for her, very concerning as this has never been an issue before!!! The only major change in my lifestyle has been my intake of Huel at about 60% of my diet. I have lost about 5-10lbs in 2 months my guess is I’m consuming less sugar and overall calories bc Huel keeps me feeling full. Anyone else had this issue? Any ideas about what could be causing this problem!?!?

Nice user name! :wink:

What you’ll find is that cutting calories can impact sex drive quite severely, and also testosterone, which is the point I was attempting to raise a while back, it’s not the huel that’ll low Sex drive it’ll be the miss calculation of calorie intake.

Flaxseeds actually have been shown the be extremely healthy for the for arteries, penile health and possibly clearing plague.

Here’s a well written article on the topic, by Lee Myer, who is another TRT/mens hormone health enthusiast much like myself.


Get me those flax seeds, anything that helps clear the plague is a winner for me :wink:



This is an interesting post. I found this thread by Googling flaxseed and ED out of curiosity after speaking to one of the guys from the research department where I work. I’m part of a legal team working for a global food producer. I’m not actually allowed to say who, but suffice to say it’s large enough to have it’s own research team and lab. One of the areas of study is the effect of certain foods on hormone levels within the body, with one particular study focusing on flaxseed and its effect on men. Why would a food production company be interested in studying this? One word: litigation! As you can imagine, we sell to some highly litigious markets (think USA), so imagine if a food we produce is later proven to mess with a man’s sex drive or performance; it could have serious financial and brand damaging consequences.

Research are following up on a paper published in 2012 by a Brazilian research team that studied the effects of prolonged consumption of flaxseed flour (in rats). Here’s the link:
So basically, the paper found that chronic consumption of flaxseed does cause hormonal changes in male rats - not a reduction in testosterone, but an increase in estradiol.

So how does estradiol affect male libido, erectile function etc.? Studies are inconclusive, some say it has a negative effect, others a positive! This paper summarises various findings:

Anyway, my research friend says that their team speculate that the mechanisms of male sexual function are so complicated with multiple dependencies, that it’s difficult to say one particular variable causes x or y. Sample sizes for every study done on the subject are just too small to be statistically meaningful, and even if you look at the chemistry/ biology, there are still too many unknowns to prove a hypothesis - either using statistics or current knowledge of the workings of the human body.

Having said all that, however, there is enough empirical and anecdotal evidence to suggest that in some people, dietary hormone mimicking supplements do mess with delicate processes of the body, including sexual function. My friend will avoid products containing soy and flaxseed. He certainly wouldn’t consume them on a daily basis. Personally,I’ve never tried Huel, but I’m trusting the science guy and I’ll give it a miss!

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True dat…

I found this thread after experiencing intermittent ED over the past two and a half years, and searching for anything that could be the cause in desperation. It varied in severity and sometimes I would be completely fine, while at others I would struggle to get or maintain an erection.

I put it down to psychological factors, and aging (I was approaching 40 when it first happened), and tried various lifestyle changes to improve matters but none worked. I was already fit and healthy, non-smoker, only rarely drinking - all I could do really was work on relaxation, meditation, that sort of thing, but none helped.

After reading this thread, I made the connection that I had started taking Huel at around the same time, so I got a blood test and stopped taking Huel. In the month since stopping I have felt my performance gradually return to normal. When I got my blood test results back they showed excellent levels of testosterone - but above normal levels of SHBG (70 nmol/L), which would have the tendency to render the testosterone largely ineffective and would explain the frequent problems with ED.

I’m going to see how things are after another month and then get another blood test. I’ll report back what the numbers are.

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