Huel Flavour Boosts Different Uses

Hi everyone,
I have only been using the flavour boosts for my shakes but was wondering if anyone has experimented with them outside the shakes, maybe baking?
Do they keep their flavour or are they specifically made for the shake? I am curious if you have any tales to tell. :slight_smile:
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I’ve added the strawberry to plain soya yoghurt for pudding and also made ‘strawberry’ milkshake the children requested when we only had bananas! I still added the banana and a small amount of red food colouring. I’ve not tried baking though.

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I’ve tried the mint-choc one for making a mint hot chocolate with oat milk. It was nice. I think real cacao plus peppermint essence is better though for a hot chocolate.
Oat drink isn’t that different from a Huel though so my answer isn’t that helpful really :laughing:

I know @DunsfordMage bakes with flavoured Huel. He may have tried using the flavour boosts in baking possibly (?)


Sorry, I’ve not tried the flavour boosts in baking. I’ve been making cookies with Vanilla or Chocolate premix.


Mmmm cookies!

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I’ve tried making mint chocolate pancakes with the mint choc premix that’s was ok. But my experience is that huel isn’t the best for baking. I’ve never tried the flavor boost though but I imagine it would be similar.

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