Huel for animals

More of a musing than a serious idea: as the owner of two cats I’m aware that the meat used in pet food is probably the least ethical around.

Would it technically be possible for pets to live off a special kind of huel for animals?

Meat based Huel, I guess. Cats eats meat, I don’t think it’s ethical to feed a carnivorous animal with plant based food, it can not be healthy at long term.

No, I don’t either, I agree which is why I feed mine standard cat food (but from a local business that does amazing cat food using actual meat rather than using loads of filler).

But what i mean is if huel can recreate everything us humans need, couldnt it create a product recreating everything cats (protein and taurine?) and dogs need in a similar way?

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Lots of pets get fed really shitty budget food that is mostly crappy filler. I feel pretty confident huel could take its same quality ingredient approach to making pet food and sell it for only slightly above budget pet food, the benefits being:

  • Stop inhumane meat intended for pet food
  • Quality nutrition
  • Budget friendly for pet owners

Could be quite interesting and profitable for huel too! It would have to be much cheaper than human huel thats for sure. But thats quite a big market. Theres got to be tens of millions of meat eating pets in the uk alone…

Do they even PUT actual meat in pet food? Reading the ingredients, I reckon the pet food industry is just a way of using up the parts of animals that they can’t sell as budget human food. Plus lots of grains. No wonder so many people’s pets die of cancer.


Amicat and Benevo are two such companies that sell nutritionally complete vegan cat food.

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I don’t think Huel will be branching out into cat food any time soon…just a guess.

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No doubt some people would be asking if they can eat it too :thinking:

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Back in the day, when I knew punk rock squatter types one of them used to make curry from tinned dog food.

Seems quite grim but tinned pet food can be consumed by humans. In fact many dog foods are regularly batch taste tested by human tasters, in the same way that Huel is. Think I Know which I’d prefer.

I’m sure the curry didn’t taste too bad if that’s all you could afford. I often wonder what is really in some shop bought curries. My two girls get a variety of foods but they particularly love the tripe mixes. I wouldn’t fancy taste testing some of that as it really stinks. Mind you I suppose if I was at risk of starving to death…

Unethical in what way? Cats are carnivores. If one owns a cat the ethical thing to do is to feed them commercial food which contains meat and meat byproduct rather than allowing them to roam free and decimate our wild bird populations.

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Humans destroy wildlife more than cats…they should be culled.


We can all do our part starting with ones self right?

As for wildlife preservation it is all about habitat and controlling poachers. In the US, Canada and other developed nations which have vibrant, recovered wildlife populations it is hunters that fund the management of wildlife populations. The same is now true across Central Asia, much of Africa and even Europe. Scotland is another prime example. Reality over emotionalism.

In the meantime responsible cat owners should keep them under control just as dog owners must.

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In the US declawing cats is also fairly standard

I think @Wendy_Shepherd might find the bridge a handy alternative to cliff.

Humans just need to stop breeding and also stop destroying the habitat of other creatures through their filthy habits while blaming other creatures that through no fault of their own became pets. Rescue and neuter cats, dogs and humans.


Very true, but don’t encourage me. I’ve started some new meds and the suicidal ideation has almost gone. On the downside it almost certainly means my weight will go back up again, now that I’m not spending all day crying in bed and trying to starve myself to death. :rofl:

There was a piece on the radio earlier this week, with a vet saying there’s been a big spike in digestive and dental issues with cats in recent years, due to numpties imposing their vegan ethics and diets on their carnivorous pets. I’ve not eaten meat since 1994, but I wouldn’t dream of depriving my cats, or my dog, of the meat those animals need. My dietary choices are my own - I don’t feel I have the right to foist them on anyone or anything, and particularly not on an animal that is clearly an out-and-out hunting carnivore.

And another thing… :joy:

Sadly, common sense is lacking in a great many people :thinking:

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Good guess. My experience is in human nutrition!

Cats need meat. Nothing else will do. Their stomachs have evolved into a evolutionary dead-end where only meat will do. Although dogs eat meat, they can eat anything and can survive without meat, but they wouldn’t be happy! Cats can’t survive without meat.

You’ll have to feed the cat meat. If you want the dog to love you and not bugger off with a kind stranger, fido had better get his cuts too.

One day that meat can be manufactured synthetic meat, but not at the moment.