Huel for dogs

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any information on whether huel would also be a nutritionally complete for dogs? If it gets close but is lacking certain dog specific nutrients (I gather Taurine is a big deal for dogs), could these nutrients be added as supplements to huel?

As far as I know Huel is toxic to dogs due to several ingredients.

For example Xylitol is a poison to dogs. The version history does not mention the removal of Xylitol, so I would err on side of caution and assume it might still be present in Huel.

There already are plant-based dog foods, that dogs can eat indefinitely - what is the problem with them?

I am still waiting for Huel baby formula though :wink:

I wouldn’t try this. Whilst generally dogs need the same micronutrients, they need varying different amounts.

I don’t have time to make a table showing the differences between the values and ratios in Huel and the ones recommended for dogs, but you can see the latter here and compare for yourself.

Also the presence of xylitol could cause hypoglycaemia in your dog, which could lead to death.

@TimOfficeHuel could you look into updating the Huel version history page regarding the presence of Xylitol? The removal is not listed on that page, but Xylitol is no longer listed in the Huel ingredients.

I know you are not legally required to list minuscule ingredients in Huel (and Xylitol is/was present in such amounts) but it would definitely be nice to know.

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I just found this post from a couple of months ago - xylitol has been removed.

Thanks for the nudge on that one. Our apologies. @Gulliver_Huel is going to make the change.

Thanks for your answer and the warning. I liked the idea of being able to live off the same food as my dogs and the other way around, that’s all. I’ll be looking into dog specific vegan nutrition now.

I had wondered this also. My dogs are both vegan and I buy Benevo dry dog food for them and also make my own wet food. There are some good vegan dog food recipe books on Kindle. Sometimes though (eg on a camping/walking holiday) it would be really handy to be able to feed them huel. From what I’ve read of the latest ingredients it looks like it should be OK, at least for short periods of time maybe with the addition of the dog specific nutrient boost powder I already add to their wet food. However until I’m absolutely certain I would err on the side of caution and not give it to them. Maybe someone from Huel could give more info on this?

WHY would you have a vegan dog. They’re carnivores, they are meant to eat meat, just like a bloody lion is. FFS if I knew where you lived I’d report you to the RSPCA!


If you were to do a little research rather than just spouting what you think you know, you would discover that it is possible for dogs to thrive on a vegan diet, just as it is for humans.


Omg, yeah, you’re right. I should research what I feed my dog. Because so far I just gave him any old crap that I found at the supermarket. Yeah, I’m really that stupid! What about the vaccinations I let my kids have? Should I have researched those? Apparently there’s some nutjob that claims vaccinations cause autism. I didn’t really take much notice since he’s had his medical licence revoked …


Actually a lot of commercial dog food in the supermarket is crap…but then again so is a lot of food they expect humans to buy…full of salt, sugar, saturated fat, fillers and bulking agents.

It’s ok for you to have an angry opinion, but at least do some reading before you make yourself look foolish.

There are plenty of plant based dogs out there…they are omnivores not carnivores, so like humans can happily adapt to a plant based diet.


Dude, (Nik) dogs are omnivores. No need to be so angry, especially when what your saying is wrong. Chill out and yes, do some research if you feel so passionately about it, you’ll surprise yourself.


Please consider who you are doing this for; yourself or your pet.

The sheer amount of nutritional factors which could go wrong are not worth risking your pet’s life for.

If you go through with switching your pet’s diet, to vegan or anything else, please consult animal nutritionists and veterinarians, not strangers on the internet. Certainly not PETA.

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This is quite simple:

  1. Do not feed Huel to your dog, it may well die.
  2. Dogs are omnivores and need meat as part of their diet.

I wouldn’t feed Huel to a dog.

However your second statement is a LIE.

My God, chill out peeps. I don’t feed my dogs Huel. If they find some left in a beaker though they will finish it up (I tend to use the shaker without the lid). Both my dogs are basically vegan, although what they eat when out and about is anyone’s guess, and one of them catches wildlife if not muzzled. I feed them various manufactured vegan dog foods, and I also cook for them. The manufactured foods all have a full list of ingredients and full nutritional info which you won’t find on the majority of commercial dog food, and the food I cook for them is either nutritionally complete in itself, or if not I add in a nutritional boost specially made for dogs. The only reason I asked about this in the first place is for the odd occasion I might go camping with the dogs and if we could all eat Huel it would make things asked bit simpler. And to whoever urged me to think about “why I am doing this”, I know full well why I’m doing it. To reduce animal suffering. Don’t try to tell me my dogs are suffering, because I have regular blood work done by my vet who is very impressed with their results and always says how healthy they are. I have never had to take either of them to the vet due to illness BTW. The end!

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