Huel and pets

I’m new to Huel and the forum so apologies if this is an old question. Ive done a search and can only see arguments about feeding your dog (as their main meals) Huel and the rights and wrongs of vegan food for dogs!

My question is:
Is it ok to give small amounts of mixed Huel to my dog as a treat. She loves the smell of it and drives me crazy for a taste. I’ve given her 10% of a scoop and mixed with a small amount of water. She’s only a small dog (10kg) and she loves it. I’m worried there maybe something that’s not best for her. I’m NOT suggesting feeding her main meals with Huel, just a treat once a day.
Thank you.

Definitely not any of the versions with cacao in it as that’s poisonous to dogs.

If your dog is a senior then it is a bad idea to feed them high doses of certain vitamins - the amounts in HueI, even small amounts of huel, would be quite high for a small dog and could cause kidney damage.

If there’s no cacao, and your dogs not old, then I dunno tbh!
I’m sure I saw a thread advising against it but don’t remember the details.
My personal recommendation would be to take your bag of huel to your vet and ask them!
You’re right to worry that there could be something in it that’s harmful. Loads of human foods are poisonous to pets and we don’t realise.

Hi if you do a search for ‘Huel and dogs’ there are a couple of threads for you to read. I honestly wouldn’t chance giving your dog anything other than food meant specifically for dogs. I have two dogs myself and prefer to play safe with their diet.

Thanks for the replies and advice. Much appreciated. However, I just want to stress that I’m not looking to feed my dog Huel to replace its normal diet. I just want to check that if I give my dog a few sips of Huel (she loves the smell so much), that it’s not so bad for her. I’m talking no more that. 10% of a scoop a day. It’s just when I finish my drink she goes crazy for a taste! So she will continue to get her dried dog meal and dog treats. I’m just checking it’s not the equivalent of dog Novichok!!

Thanks again.

My pet crocodile is a Huel ambassador; but he loves tofu too

Dog Fuel: Duel
Crocodile Fuel: Cruel


What is the point of your reply? It’s off topic, idiotic, unhelpful and moronic. Arse!!


I think it’s a bit redundant to ask for people’s advice, but then when the advice doesn’t suit you, just reply that you’ll do whatever you wanted to do in the first place anyway. What’s the point then? You just wasted people’s time that tried to give you a funded answer.

And in reply to your last post, if you’ve spend like five minutes around here (like me), you must have noticed that there are some helpful, yet clownish :clown_face: people around here that try to liven threads up by sometimes going funnily of topic. No need for name calling.

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Dumb answer for a dumb question.

… from a dumb person. What I should have expected!

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@hunzas does your croc like Cacoa with its Huel?

I appreciate that you are new to the forum, so I recommend that you read the post on forum behaviour here:

There really is no need to be rude or call people names.

Back on topic, when I was little I used to have a West Highland White Terrier that would go crazy for Strawberry Nesquik (my sister gave him some to try). Generally it’s a bad idea to give dogs anything other than specially formulated dog food. Just because they bug you, doesn’t mean it’s good for them even in small doses.


I’m quite happy…sitting here chilling in the sunshinewith Psycho my pet croc. I’ve taken him to the local swimming pool for a treat. He’s already eaten 3 kids and a yappy little dog that a fool feeds Huel to.


Hear hear. Good manners cost nothing, though a sense of humour seems hard to find. Hope DJ Man doesn’t lose his rag so quickly when spinning some tunes at the old folks disco.

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Tsk, tsk. Bad pet owner! If you overfeed him like that he’ll get fat.

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LMAO Do you think I should try him on Huel, or is that a dumb question?

I am surprised you haven’t turned him into a vegan all ready

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If you share your food with your dog she will not know the difference between what is hers and what is yours. As I never give my girls any of my food they have learned not to beg, even when it smells delicious. We have ground rules. I don’t eat any of their food and they don’t eat any of mine. Works for us.


Yeah @Djman I’m not a dog owner but if the official recommendation from Huel is not to give it to your pets, I would advise against it. Not sure anyone here is going to advise you otherwise I’m afraid as they don’t want to be responsible for hurting your dogs. As stated best to ask a vet. Maybe there’s one on here or even a dog owner who’s been feeding Huel to their pups but until then you should probably just expect the kind of replies you’ve been receiving