Huel and a dog!


I wonder if Huel is fit for dogs ?

Imagine the scenario …
I was decanting an almost empty bag into a new full bag of huel and thought I had zipped the bag closed.
Alas I didn’t … and I gave it a little shake (to mix the contents) I managed to spill 2-3 scoops of huel powder over me, the worktop and the floor :scream:
After a few choice words I went to get something to clean the mess up with. Within seconds our Labrador (a breed that will eat virtually anything!) was lapping up this power off the floor !!
I tried pushing her away but she was adamant she wanted the huel !
I managed to get dustpan and brush to clean up most of it … but our dog kept licking the floor!
Then she started to lick my legs and socks ! (I still had remnants of powder on me !!)
I’m assuming that there isn’t any ‘unsafe for dog’ chemicals in huel…
She eats anything (literally anything !!! :face_vomiting:
Anything that smells like food, anything foul smelling and even other dogs poop !) so I can only guess that the small amount of huel would be fine !!!


Our dog used to love Huel ( she sadly passed on last year) I’m sure it isnt bad for them x


I mean… it wouldnt hurt a dog but dogs have different nutritional requirements… both by species and by age but I mean overall who knows. I just wouldnt want to smell those farts or poos after giving my dog water mixed huel powder lmao
Pure powder is a choking and breathing hazard


It’s not a thing I would do … She has her own food !
Having seen what she was eating during our walk this morning, I think huel is the least of my worries :joy::rofl:


My dogs also love huel. I don’t actually feed it to them but I can’t leave a beaker of it unguarded or they would be all over it. My Staffie has wrecked 3 huel shakers by munching through them to get at the contents. I couldn’t swear to it but I don’t think it is toxic or dangerous for dogs. Certainly not in small quantities.


Depends on how she passed on…!!


Massive tumor in tummy/arthritis and doggy dementia :frowning: she lasted over a year past when she should’ve x she was old for her breed


Sorry to hear that…


When my Huel arrives my dog always gets excited and gives it a good sniff. There is definitely something in there that really appeals to dogs!


My cat tried to eat the powder also


Mine too. In fact they try to open the box.


My cats sit in the boxes…but they don’t show any interest in Huel.


Well, that’s cats for you. They might manage to feign interest if you served it to them on a silver platter!


can confirm, dogs do love left over Huel! (U/U).