Wendy's kitchen hits and misses

Haven’t huelsperimented for a while, so today I bring you

Rhubarb and Custard Huel Cookie Dough

I was aiming for a bar like consistency but what I got was more like cookie dough.

3 scoops vanilla Huel
1 tsp huel rhubarb and custard flavour boost
3 tsp date syrup
4 tsp water
4 tsp mylk

Not awful, but not great either. I’ll eat it but won’t make it again. Also somewhat messy,
should have used a bigger container.

Doggy verdict - sit up and beg doggylicious. (ie the dogs seemed to enjoy it, and before anyone even thinks of reporting me to the RSPCA they got abut a teaspoonful each)


How did you get the rhubarb and custard flavour…I guess you didn’t according to the ingredients.

I’m rather confused by this thread. And that’s saying something after the weekend.

Thanks for another good spot. Off to edit my post.

I also spotted that your link didn’t work…but don’t want to see solve it all in one go.

Ah… I see…that was me being slow. I didn’t read til the end.

Just FYI for other readers, the caveat at the end is because Huel is not safe for dogs to eat (like chocolate i think right!?), so quite rightly Wendy only gave her puppers a little nibble

We had this discussion some time ago, and the verdict then was it should be OK, there are no ingredients known to cause problems in dogs. The caveat was because I have been told on here before that if my address was known I would be reported. BTW if anyone DOES want to do this, just pm me and I’m quite happy to give my postcode. I have nothing to hide!!

You’re right about chocolate, there are about a dozen human foods toxis to dogs in varying degrees
•macadamia nuts
•grapes and raisins
•peaches and plums
•bread dough
•mouldy bread

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