Hi, I haven’t started huel yet but I am considering placing my first order.

I was a bit worried about the reviews of how sweet the vanilla one tastes so was thinking of jumping straight in with the unsweetened & adding flavours, (so I can at least have some control over the amount of sweetner/flavour added) or natural ingredients like a banana and/or honey - obviously adjust the huel accordingly to take into account the extra calories.

Has anyone tried the rhubarb & custard and does it actually taste of it?

Also thinking about the bars as an alternative & so that I’m still putting my teeth to work & have the sensation of eating. Do they taste ok or have an ‘aftertaste’ like the drink does & do they fill you up as much as the drink? I’m worried I’m still going to be hungry?

Thanks for any help/advice/experiences.

My suggestion’d be to get one bag of unflavoured/unsweetened, and one of vanilla. I’ve found as time goes on I prefer less sweetening, and if you get flavour pouches they’ll do that job with the U/U anyway. Various users have also been just adding plain ol’ sugar or maple syrup, so you can always sweeten it up if you need to.