Newbie (Huelbie?) Saying Hello!

Hi all, I’m currently almost done with my first Huel ever and my Jack-chi has been trying to dig the shaker out of my mouth relentlessly. Do they make a Huel for dogs? :sweat_smile: :dog2: If you ever plan on it I’ve got your alpha tester right here!

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Hello and welcome! Huel definitely not good for doggos so keep out of reach at all costs! Fortunately though it’s so good for people you should be able to drink it all up no problem. Did you go for vanilla? How are you finding it?

Hi Ryan, I ordered both vanilla and unflavoured and have tried both so far. I’m really enjoying them! I have a lot of reasons for switching to Huel, but one of them is that I recently had an intolerance test and I’m intolerant to so many foods it’s become a nightmare trying to eat! I’m already vegan so was very pleased to find Huel is too, and it’s blessedly free of everything that makes me feel sick; the past two days have been the first in a long while that I’ve felt well in myself. Energy levels are very good (I expected to feel tired, but quite the opposite - and so quickly too), no brain fog, and not creeping about looking for more food after meals, so beating the dog back with a broom at Hueltimes is a small price to pay! :laughing:

I got a flavour boost sample pack, but made the mistake of adding one to a vanilla shake and the sweetness was off the charts. Going to try my next one with unsweetened and see how that goes. But all in all, doing very well and enjoying!

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