Huel/dog accident

The Huel: 2:1 Unsweetened to Original, plus some oat milk and matcha powder
The Dog: Border Collie, 4 Months, Menace

Huel, human. Dog, chew toy. Huel → floor. Dog, Huel. Much nom. Sad human.

Oddly every discussion I’ve found online is “can I feed my dog Huel as a meal or as a snack intentionally all the time”, and not “does Huel contain anything such that an accident is a big deal”.

Does Huel definitely no longer contain xylitol? Does it contain anything else especially poisonous? I’m beyond the advice of “if anything at all untoward happens, call the vet” as I’d be calling every five minutes (see: Menace), so I’m just trying to get a rough sense of how toxic Huel might be to a dog. Going to keep a close eye on her anyway (which I have to do anyway, see: Menace).

PS: when release Duel?

Edit many days later: she’s fine! She did a looser, umm, output later that day, but all Huel eaters have been there.

I’m assuming you’re referring to v3.1 Powder here? To confirm, there isn’t any xylitol present in Huel Powder, and as the flavours you’ve used aren’t chocolate-based, there isn’t a concern there either. Looking at a quick summary of toxic ingredients, I can also confirm we don’t use alliums, alcohol, corn, nuts, avocado or grapes in Huel Powder.

I know you’ve mentioned that you don’t need to hear advice pertaining to a visit to the vet, but I’m afraid my specialism starts and ends at human nutrition, and for proper advice, you would need to speak to someone more qualified to really rule out any and all risks to your dog.

Side note, love the sound of doggy-friendly Huel! It’s not currently in the pipeline, but I kinda feel like it needs to be :dog:


Border Collie puppy? :heart_eyes:
Hope she’s ok, I’m no vet but I wouldn’t worry too much, just keep an eye on her as you say. No xylitol nor anything that looks obviously problematic on the list. :crossed_fingers:.

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Thank you! :heart:

No that’s okay! I’m okay with just sense checking the common toxic ingredients. She’s worn down my caution by spending two months eating absolutely everything all the time. At some point I decided I had to just relax a bit. I’ll call her vet if she shows any worrying signs, still.

I’m not a cat person, but I guess it’d be pretty cuel if you made a cat-friendly one too. (sorry, this terrible joke was for @David)


This thread reminds me of my old doggo, now sadly departed to the great park in the sky… Whenever I used to unpack my delivery of Huel powder, her sniffer went into overdrive and she used to get very excited about what was in the box - it was like dog crack! She lapped up some prepared vanilla flavour I spilled on the floor once, but was fine.

This hit me in the feels but really is beautiful :heart: