Huel for dinner

42yr old female, 5st to lose, secret comfort/binge eater.

Just received my order.
I eat the same breakki’s, lunches & snacks Mon-Thurs/Fri - I’m happy with those food choices and makes prep soOo much easier- and I have worked out macros/calories.
I plan on using Huel for my dinner for when hubby’s away (Mon-Thurs/Fri) and I suffer from choice paralysis causing me to order pizza.
Seems this is in reverse of the majority who use Huel thru day and then have an evening meal?!
May use for lunches at w/e too when hubby just has a soup.
I will not be attempting to chow down on Huel whilst hubby’s home and having a nommy M&S salad LoL!
He wants to be eating better of a w/e too so we need to be encouraging each other - he’s better at planning and helping us stay on track when he’s focussed - whereas I suffer low blood sugar with irregular w/e eating and want to ‘EAT ALL THE FOOD’ LoL! - but I’m perfectly sated if we eat on plan with wine as treat and so glad after having not binged on carbs and dips! The Huel hopefully will help as w/e snacks to stop these crashes too

Biggest help to weight loss is eating smaller meals as the day goes on (breakfast = biggest) and generally try not to eat “late” (after ~1730)

So, personally, I think you’re doing a great thing having it for dinner but don’t go crazy with the number of scoops :wink:

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thnx - yeh need to figure out scoops/macros required.
Hadn’t really thought that I’d be doing the old breakfast like a king dinner like a pauper
Tho I do think not eating after 5.30pm is unrealistic unless you go to bed at 7pm!?!
I’d be setting myself up to fail BIG time - esp given that I don’t get in from gym until 7.30pm!
I do know tho that IF across a timed window each day works for some, so I guess if you were a super early riser…
But not for me.

I go to bed ~2230/2300 and am up ~0730

There’s a lot to be said for lemon water keeping hunger away and don’t forget if you have alcohol in the evening then that is calories too :wink:

Weight loss, I think, is as much about how much you eat as it is what and when you eat. Having a tonne of carbs for example makes sense in advance of going to the gym but for dinner ahead of the evening when your sedentary doesn’t make so much sense.

Not saying it’s easy and not saying you must do this… Just my two cents :slight_smile:

Yeh, I’m more a total daily calories in vs out gal tbh rather than timing - with so much to lose at mo - don’t sweat the small stuff.

Had my 1st Huel dinner last night.
Was ok - quite floury but good hint of vanilla flavour, wasn’t unpleasant and left me feeling sated.
Certainly by no means the worst concoction I’ve conjured up for myself LoL!