Huel for Weight Gain

I am new to Huel and am using it to supplement my diet to try and gain weight. I am 6’8" and weigh 95kg but am training to row across the Atlantic Ocean in 2018 so need to add muscle and fat (nearer the time) to make the experience as comfortable as possible! I want to get to 100kg by the end of April. Is anyone else using Huel to gain weight (I know this is the antithesis to most people on here!)?

Yeah I am kind of although it’s not really the sole reason I’m using it. I’m 6ft and 127 lbs so a very skinny guy who’s always had trouble eating enough and what I do eat is never that healthy anyway. I’ve decided to force myself to go a month without crap food and drinks so no alcohol, crisps, sweets, chocolate or fizzy drinks for the whole of February. Although I do need to gain weight, I’m viewing it as more of a mental test to see if I can actually do something I set my mind to. I’m only day 2 but so far enjoying it. I definitely think I’ll have more joy drinking in Huel than I would trying to force myself into eating 4 large meals a day as I have tried in the past.

So a bit of a different situation to yourself but I am using Huel to gain a bit of weight nonetheless.

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I’ll be running a bunch of ultra’s this year and my ‘ideal’ running weight is about a stone (6kg) heavier than I was before starting on Huel.

So far I’ve gained about half a stone using near 100% huel and well on track. I’m also hitting the gym three or four times each week and trying to make sure it’s fit weight rather than just weigh for the sake of it; because when you’re running big distances every gram you’re carrying matters. Guess it’ll be the same for you :wink:

Adding the weight has been relatively easy, just a case of taking on more calories each day than normal and about 3,000 a day seems to be working for me.

Can’t imagine rowing the Atlantic, is that for a cause or crazed folly? Either way, good luck!