Huel Gluten Free (Recurring Orders)


Can Gluten Free orders also be put on recurring orders?
Love the idea of recurring orders.

There is no plan at the moment. We want to see how well Gluten free sells first.

Hope it does well. Why not at least make the price the same as recurrence price (discount structure) , call it trial phase pricing or something like that and you will pick up more orders.


I’d happily pay more for gluten free if required.

I think £5 more is fair. But I guess it depends on the manufacture and the actual interest in the product.

I’m happy to promote this product as best I can, not only am I gluten free but I’m also a shift working paramedic! I’m on the air ambulance next week, I’ll try and get a sneaky snap of the Huel shaker on board.



I think you missed my point. I’m not complaining about the price.
I was looking at getting more people on board ordering this. Then we can also get it on reoccurring orders. (Which is what my ultimate goal is/was) :slight_smile:

Reoccurring orders will make it easier to order and get Huel to estimate/plan their manufacture line in place. for Huel to know what is happening will give them buying power as well as confidence in the Gluten Free Line.

Therefore the slight price deduction in once off orders. Once people are hooked on Huel. :wink: , and the price changes back to normal price (without the discount) the natural move would be to go to reoccurring and will then benefit from the discount structure again. simples… :slight_smile:


Oh gosh I wasn’t meaning to challenge you on the price matter.

I just want Julian and his colleagues to keep producing it!!! Ha ha.

You’re right though, once we can get enough people on board, recurring orders will definitely happen.

I’m trying to plug Huel everywhere I can. I’m actually sat here wearing my Huel t shirt!!

If GF Huel goes well and there is a significant amount of people actually purchasing it then the idea is to make all Huel gluten free. Keeping the amount of products down to two as opposed to the four we have currently (Original, UU, GF Vanilla and GF UU). So we will definitely have GF as a subscription with the discounted price the comes with that, if we decide to go ahead with it. We can’t have GF recurring orders at the moment as there is a limited supply!

GF oats are far more expensive and we have to balance that out.

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I would like to purchase the Huel Gluten Free when I’m done with my current supply, but really disappointed that you try to test it’s popularity but not giving it the same discount as our other products. I hope you take this into consideration when judging it’s popularity :frowning:

I’m more likely to try competing products that have Gluten Free at a lower cost already.

I really don’t understand your decision on this, neither from a short turn gain or testing standpoint…

When I only have one pack of Huel left I’ll order the Gluten free if there is a discount at that time :slight_smile: Otherwise I’m think about trying one of the more organic products and see how my body feels with those.
But it would be good to try Huel Gluten Free just after having tried 56 packs of normal Huel, for comparison.

I understand that it’s frustrating that GF is more expensive, we simply can’t offer GF Huel at the same price because GF Huel is far more expensive to make.


Just looking on Tesco quickly (and I’m sure other shops offer better prices) but GF Oats are 266% more expensive that their normal Oats:

Oats make up a large proportion of Huel and we have only increased the price of our GF by £5 which is an 11% increase.

Ok, thanks a lot for clarifying and being so transparent on this topic, it’s very reassuring.
I’ll definitely consider trying it when I’m out of normal Huel. :slight_smile:

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As a coeliac… £5 increase is nothing in comparison to some products. Some see a 100% increase.

I’m personally quite happy to pay a little more. If/when GF Huel becomes available for the long run, a discount would be nice but not necessary really. Perhaps a discount off of the flavour sachets for recurring orders would work instead?

Anyway. Keep up the good work! My second order arrived yesterday. Toffee flavour system is good!


I think the question was never about the price.
The question was to get it on reoccurring and then to get a discount on reoccurring products.
I’m happy to pay a bit more for GF.