Huel going sour quickly

For the first time I’m having problems with my Huel going sour…I keep one in the fridge overnight and make a new one before I leave the house to have during the morning. I’ve been drinking Huel for three years and that’s never been long enough for the flavour to start to turn, but with my latest order it has been, even though it is only in the fridge for around eight hours, or in my bag for a couple of hours.

I think I received a different flavour this time…is that just something to do with the version I’m drinking? Or are some batches just worse than others?

It shouldn’t go off that fast - I can drink mine 36 hrs later as long as it’s been in the fridge.
Couple of things to check first: is your shaker really clean? Try washing it really well in hot soapy water then sterilise the cup and lid in a big bowl / pan of cold water with baby sterilisation tablets for about 12 hours, then rinse well.
If you make it in a blender, check all parts of the blender are immaculate.
Lastly, is anything else in your fridge going off? If the seal on your fridge is old or it changes temperature, things will go off quickly.

If none of the above apply, I would email customer services ( with the batch number of the affected bag and ask them to investigate


I’d agree with @ChristinaT

Earlier revisions I found did taste a little off 2nd day in fridge, but recent one tastes fine…not that I do that very often, but I did one last week and could not tell the difference.

Think there is an issue somewhere.

Are you mixing the Huel with water or milk? Is there anything being added that can cause a sour Taste?