Huel + gym in the evening

I have a doubt. When I can (less that I should), I try to make a 1h jogging or cycling at the gym around 9pm.

I have a snack around 5pm at work and have dinner around 7,30 or 8pm. What do you recommend to optimize my try of weight loss?

  1. Huel powder for Dinner + gym + an apple after gym (after the gym I’m ALWAYS hungry).

  2. Strong snack at 8pm + gym + Huel powder.

  3. Any other recommendation.

I go to sleep around 11pm and midnight

Thanks in advance.

Weight loss doesn’t care if you go to the gym or not.

Weight loss cares about a caloric deficit.

  • Find TDEE
  • Track every single calorie you consume with an app like Myfitnesspal
  • Eat 500 calories less than TDEE
  • Use gym for strength, endurance and fitness and enjoy the extra calorie burn separately from your in/out nutritional balance