Huel has made my life easier, but amplified the crushing heavy feeling of living under capitalism

Huel has been one of the best additions to my life recently, I love the convenience, the affordability and me being able to live a vegan lifestyle without compromises. I have never felt better, gained a lot of physical strength and lost a lot of weight working out and drinking Huel Black. I love that it frees up my time for one good meal in a day instead of 3 mediocre ones and it feeling very filling whenever I feel a bit snackish.

However, does anyone else sometimes stop in their tracks and think:

“Was I really put on this earth to scarf down pea and oat juice so I can slave away at work more easily? Am I not just making myself a more potent supplier of labor value to be exploited? Isn’t it really sad that I shape my food choices to accomodate a lifestyle that ultimately, does not benefit me spiritually?”

This is not a dig at Huel at all, but it made me really emotional.

Anyways, in conclusion, Huel is a great product, I don’t think it reinforces or promotes current political/societal systems and I have recommended it to many friends and recommend it to anyone who is sick of eating fast food for lunch. But the time you save by using it might give you too much time to think about things that make you sad.

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Just use the extra time that consuming Huel gives you to go hunt sabbing, protesting against human and animal exploitation or just do something useful with your time, not just work for the man.

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TBH, This highly depend on personal opinion. I was really struggling to put out time for work-out and sports from my daily schedules. because I was spending almost 9-10 hours per week in cooking or thinking what to cook from the ingredients that I have XD. I replaced one meal with the huel and my time was managed batter.

Talking about this

Not everyone works in corporate :joy: many have their own business and might be working on the hourly bases where it is highly depend on how much an hour of yours worth or can generate revenue for you.
And who doesn’t love some extra money :money_mouth_face:

Yes that’s me, so don’t need to waste time having a leisurely lunch break. Neck the gruel and back to it

I like the feeling of freedom from the nightmare of supermarket shopping. I feel less involved in the tedious merry-go-round of filling and emptying shopping baskets and the disappointment of declining food quality and overpackaging. Not to mention the ethical concerns of spending money at the big chains.

My only qualm is feeling so reliant on one single company for food supplies, which is why the sense that I get from company communications like on this forum that the guys are trying to look after us (whilst growing profitably of course) is so important. Having faith in the choices we make is nearly all that matters.


Yes that’s a good point. I consume Huel as a major part of my diet and if it went it would be a bummer. I don’t believe that any of the other brands are of a quality that I’d be happy to eat a couple of times a day.


Yeah sometimes I actually fret a little about what life would be like without Huel. Seems crazy. Or if I got priced out of being able to afford it. Feels like developing a habit that’d be uncomfortable to break.

I suppose that’s a big endorsement for the product. :laughing: