Huel - How its Made

Hi Huel!

@Julian - Any chance there could be a Huel ‘How its Made’; behind the scenes style video being put up on youtube etc?

I love a bit of visualisation and apart from a few marketing youtube videos on the Huel channel and an image of some shiny mixer blades under - Where is Huel manufactured? it would be great to see more of the manufacturing / packing process

Huel is blended and packaged in the UK, at our state of the art facility in Devon. Here it is produced in accordance with the UK’s rigorous food production regulations. They are an ISO9001:2008 certified manufacturer.


Yeh, that would be awesome :smiley:

I couldn’t agree more. Especially as someone who has yet to try Huel (delivery tomorrow). A lot of possible skepticisms would be settled with a how it’s made style video. For me anyway.

It would be interesting to see, but maybe they don’t want competitors to pinch their methods?

I’m imagine it involves a lot of blending and mixing. I doubt it’s really all that exciting?