Huel in China


I love you long time @ian42


@Ian42 haha yeah well obviously I could see it in what you copy and pasted, but that is not what I got when I clicked on your link!!!


I’m blaming it on my phone, its been doing wierd shit for a couple of days now. I also blame @Ian42 cos it was your link. And my phone might get offended and do even more wierd stuff if I give it total blame :wink:


Now this is a porn site click on this www.pornhub.vom

Oh dam I can’t spell :astonished:


Tim is gonna love us when he gets back into work after Christmas.


For once it is not my fault.


@ChristinaT try this link and see if you get any porn…


Yeah I got food porn :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Of course, you’re on your best behaviour cos you don’t want coal in your stocking. :laughing: :santa:


I know. I’ve already got anthracitis in my heel
and it’s painful


Unless he’s transitioning, I don’t think so. :laughing:


OK, I admit I don’t get that LOL


Ok, I’ll try to be clearer…
Don’t think Tim was featured in the porn as it was pretty much all women, I think. So unless Tim has had top surgery, he won’t be in there. Are you disappointed?


Oh, sorry. I thought you were replying to my anthracites in heel comment…but yeah still don’t get it/


Tim is the king of porn, big Tim they call him in his films…


Nah, I’m not clever enough to think of a witty comeback on that one, you’ve out-foxed me there. I’m surprised you didn’t seize on the reference to stockings though, and run with it. You really have turned over a new (cannabis) leaf!


Better to be Big Tim than Tiny Tim, I suppose. :musical_score: Tiptoe through the tulips…


Unlikely, the porn I watch doesn’t have any women in it…


I am born again. Not even a puke gag from me


Just animals