Huel in China

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@ChristinaT don’t you have a translator option?

Or is it 1 more tick for ANDROID lol :wink:

Wow! Great stuff, Huel :+1:

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Bee I’m dubious over clicking the link. Is it safe then?

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Probably not. I tried it cos I’m reckless. Looked OK to start with, although all Chinese characters with the odd RDA thrown in. Then porn images appeared!



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Thanks Wendy. Glad we have someone sensible around here.


Do we? :confused:


I just clicked on it again and I don’t get any porn images, it’s about Huel and at the bottom links to other stories, like on the BBC or other websites.
I wouldn’t of put it up ( if you excuse the pun ) if there was porn on there. I was googling for any new Huel news and that was it. :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Ok I will copy and paste it translated from Chinese,

Huel - a nutritious food beyond your imagination

2018-12-18 11:25:55 Source: North Country Network

Huel’s nutritional elements are revealed, and British registered dietitian James Collier exposes 17 major misunderstandings in daily diet.

The whole nutritious food from the UK, Huel Food Whole Powder, has recently landed in China. Huel provides the body with enough protein, essential fatty acids, carbon water, fiber, and 26 essential vitamins and minerals in the simplest form of powder. Make sure you meet the daily recommended intake (RDA) or nutritional reference (NRV). More than half of the vitamins and minerals in Huel come from food ingredients. In addition, a special micronutrient mixture is added to ensure that each micronutrient reaches a corresponding index of nutrient reference value. In some cases, the nutrient content in Huel is higher than the nutrient reference value, because Huel believes that for some trace amounts For nutrients, higher intake is more conducive to disease prevention and physical health. Huel’s special micronutrient mixture also contains some phytonutrients (that is, substances found in plant foods). Although phytonutrients are not essential, they may have health benefits such as disease prevention, so they are also added in Huel.

Huel Whole Powder contains an excellent antioxidant, Vitamin C, which helps protect us from UV rays and pollutants. Experts have shown that vitamin C is very good for skin health, it can repair the skin, promote collagen production and reduce pigmentation on the surface and even deep layers of the skin. Vitamin K can also be found in the whole powder of Huel. Vitamin K helps to reduce dark circles and edema, while other vitamins help to strengthen and thicken the thin skin around the eyes by increasing collagen production. Huel also contains another powerful antioxidant, vitamin E, which helps moisturize and restore skin vitality and prevents signs of premature aging. Huel Whole Powder is also rich in vitamin A, which enhances collagen, reduces inflammation, reduces pigmentation, and helps control oil secretion and acne growth. Having a black hair is a sign of health. Vitamin B is an important nutrient for hair growth. Huel food is also rich in vitamin B. It is no longer a dream to have a beautiful hair! In addition, Huel is also full of powder. Rich in zinc, zinc is considered to be one of the most important minerals for general health and a natural sunscreen. For oily skin, large pores or prone to acne, it reduces the inflammatory response caused by acne. Huel’s whole powder ensures that you have the necessary vitamins and minerals to achieve optimal health and beauty.

Everyone has their own taste preferences, and Huel has released a range of flavoring packages for different flavors to make Huel more suitable for your taste. It should be noted that the seasoning package is only used to increase the taste of Huel and does not contain any whole powder of Huel. Natural flavors and natural sweeteners (stevia) are used in the Huel range. Each bag has a net content of 150 grams. There are currently five flavors in the Chinese market: banana, matcha, chocolate, mint chocolate and toffee.



Here’s the actual homepage of the TV/news channel, if you have a translator option in your menu click it. On my Android phone it gives me the option at the bottom of my screen to translate. Sadly no porn…

It was ok for me :smile:


I got porn as well. Maybe it’s a ‘bonus’ for us with apples…


Happy without the bonus :laughing:

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Except I’ve got an android. Maybe porn was a bit of an overstatement, boobs and orgasmic faces. I clicked away quick first time and got the impression of porn.

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Lol Wendy’s dirty mind again :smile::smile: or maybe you are getting direct porn advertising from them tracking cookies on your phone after visiting real porn sites :wink:

Porn images…count me in. Was Tim involved?

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I just got a lot of chinese writing and a lot of images of boobs and what looked like various other naked body parts. I just thought wtf is @Ian42 posting? No I didnt bother to hit translate (nothing to do with my apple) because it didn’t look like something I wanted to translate really !
I didn’t see any reference to Huel…
I’m not clicking again. That was plenty boob for me for one day thanks :rofl:


@ChristinaT " I didn’t see any reference to Huel… "
:astonished: Well it’s there clear as anything.

Lol I did copy and paste it for you above translated :roll_eyes: