Huel in Food Unwrapped - Channel 4 Documentary

Hi Huelers,

Just wanted to keep you in the loop about a few bits and pieces that are happening at Huel HQ.

You might have seen if you received our newsletter that the team from the hit Channel 4 documentary series Food Unwrapped were doing some recording for their upcoming series. Jimmy Doherty and the crew spent around 4 hours at our production facility in Devon filming the making of Huel and interviewing our very own @JamesCollier.

The reason though you may be interested is that none of you have seen how Huel is made yet! All being well, when this footage is shown in at the beginning of 2018 you will be able to have a full tour of the Huel facility!

I’ve attached some photos of James in a hairnet for your amusement too…


Ace, look forward to seeing that.

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Those black tshirts look cool. why can we not buy one :frowning:


Yes they do. I think they were a ltd edition on sale a while ago. I have a grey t-shirt and hoodie but I am known as the man in black to my friends…

and the laws of fashion mean it’s not possible to wear the grey tshirt and hoodie at the same time


Guess I’m the lucky one… Got a black shirt with my first order.

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True dat. Not quite as bad as the two-tone denim look mind you.

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@hunzas We are well behind. I’ve just checked and not only can you buy black and grey t-shirts but you can buy 2 different shades of grey and a black hoodie.

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My partner finds it highly amusing that I wear my black Huel hoodie with pride and asks if I’d wear other food brand clothing such as a Pot Noodle t shirt or a Mcvities Hob Nob jacket. My answer is no as luckily Huel is a relatively unknown brand and not associated with food. I would consider wearing a Werther’s Original t shirt though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



insert relevant firework emojis and GIFs

Right here


Oh dear, I’ve not noticed that…cheers for the head’s up.

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Fabulous, really looking forward to that!

Hi guys. Any idea when the food unwrapped programme will be on the TV ? I’m guessing it’ll be soon

We’ve been told it’s 8pm on Thursday 4th on Channel 4 and we are to be featured.


Yep, sounds like the ‘Diet Special’


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