Huel in school

Hi everyone – I’ve been eating Huel as a major part of my diet for at least two years, but I’ve only just joined this forum.

My daughters, 11 and 13, are now both at secondary school and are very environmentally conscious. They also don’t like school meals very much and they are keen on trying Huel for lunch at school, which I think would be great as otherwise they tend to take 1 bite out of a sandwich and then just eat crisps. I have Huel, I have shakers, it all seems like a great plan…

But it’s very difficult for me to convince the other stakeholders (wife, etc). People don’t seem to see Huel as ‘real food’ or at least not a ‘proper school lunch’. How eating one bite of a sweaty ham sandwich is a real lunch I don’t know, but that’s the prevailing attitude; it’s only lunch if it’s solid and greasy and in a plastic tub.

Has anyone else encountered this problem? How can we promote Huel in Schuel? Or perhaps it’s Hool in School…


Such a great potential avenue given how school meals can lack a lot of nutrition!

Would you daughters have access to a kettle or microwave at school? These are probably mainly accessible for older years/sixth formers etc but if they do have the option then I’d say Hot & Savoury would be the way to go.

It’s by far the most “mainstream” in our product range given that it’s whole grains, rice, veggies etc.All of us here on the forum know that all Huel is “real food”, but H&S is definitely more likely to be considered “real” by the non believers. :raised_hands:

PS - the thought of a sweaty ham sandwich has given me a massive wave of nostalgia!

Could you play that clip from the matrix when they are sitting around the table eating “tasty wheat”? You could say
“It’s a single-celled protein combined with synthetic aminos, vitamins, and minerals. Everything the body needs.”

Good luck, I admire you trying to create something healthier

Give them all the information and tell them that this is what your children will be taking to school for lunch. Uninformed people who jump to conclusions and think they know everything get right on my nerves.

Fair point but… I’m not gonna lie, we really hate the hot and savory line in this house. It’s an awkward thing, in the uncanny valley between ‘real’ food and Huel.

What I’m going to do is give them cool looking shakers than just say ‘a serious and thoughtful parent okayed this’.

That’s a good idea but only if it’s in the first Matrix movie. I don’t accept the existence of the others! :sunglasses:

Me right now:

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Step too far in my opinion - School isn’t the place, it’s the perfect route to getting picked on. Unfortunately don’t see that changing any time soon…

If they’re only taking a bite out of the sandwich maybe they could do with more input into their lunch?

I agree Phil when we talk about rtd or powder. Still a little too niche. A lot of schools don’t even have vegan options which are more mainstream now.

But the hot and savoury as @Cam_Huel says could do it. I must admit I don’t know what school meals are like these days. In my day at a boy’s only grammar it was mint custard and choc pudding, liver and bacon. For a vegetarian like me there was just a salad roll and chips. Not even a proper plate of nutritious salad or other veggie meals.
That was it. If only I had something like Huel life would have been more bearable.

In college and university now Huel would probably get a great reception.

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yeah I would imagine the RTD vending machines incorporating the usual Huel student discount would do well in these larger institutions.


For sure, even better, collect minimal margin and build up loyalty in one of the biggest demographics ready for them to head on into adult life dependent on Huel :imp:

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Yes, one of my daughters has decided she is vegetarian and the options are pretty limited. Unless you turn to huel!

I think what I might do is get a cool flask for it and add that, rather than replacing, to her lunch.

@cam_huel @Tim_Huel has the official stance of “we don’t recommend Huel for under 18’s” changed then?

(I mean; we all know that Huel would probably be brilliant for 12/13 and up, but usually on this kind of post you recommend against it)

Have you checked out our article here? It provides rough guidelines of each age group!

We probably wouldn’t recommend 100% Huel for anyone under 18, and would not recommend any Huel for a child under four due to different nutrition requirements. :blush:

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I hadn’t, nice share thanks.

Its a funny one, I have been having a Huel bar for breakfast and a shake for lunch for the last 8 months and then a normal meal for the evening. To me this works fine as I feel I do a little good for the environment but most of all it keeps me away from junk food in the daytime including bread. Lots of people still see a shake as a food you have if you are on a diet or a protein drink instead of a full meal. I suppose it boils down to the fact that do they like the taste of Huel? I love the shakes but not everyone does.