Huel ingredients safe for NCAA eligibility?

Hello there!
I have been using Huel for about a week, only about 1 cup of Huel a day supported by other solid meals. I am an athlete at a NCAA university and was a little concerned about some of the ingredients inside of Huel. I am wanting to know if any of the ingredients in Hurley are banned in the NCAA, like PEDS, testosterone-booster, anti-estrogen, etc.? I do enjoy the benefits of the product, but if there is anything potentially potent that could be banned by NCAA standards, please let me know.
Thank you

Isn’t this what Huel professional is for? It’s the same product but the professional pouches are batch tested by Informed Sport.

Edit: Are you in America?


Hey Chris, thanks for the message. In the UK we have a product called Huel Professional which is just our normal Huel but a batch that has been tested by Informed Sport (Informed Choice in the USA). There is nothing that we put into Huel that would be on the WADA banned substance list of course. However obviously this isn’t the concern but rather accidental cross contamination in a production facility from other products.

I will have a chat with our quality team who can ascertain the facilities in the USA (which are different to the UK) to find out what other products are produced there, if any, to see what the likelihood is. I have no doubt the risk is next to none but being from the UK team I don’t know our US production line as well.

In the future I imagine we will release a Huel Professional in the USA that is approved by Informed Choice, however at the moment it isn’t the top priority.

I’ll get back to you.

N.B. I can confirm that in the UK, Huel doesn’t contain any banned substances and our manufacturer neither handles nor manufactures any products contained on the WADA banned substance list. But only batches tested by Informed-Sport are considered approved. :+1:

I’d love some testosterone booster in Huel seeing as I’m approaching the big FOUR-O.

To follow up, I’ve had confirmation we do not handle or manufacture any WADA banned substances in our North America Huel production facility. :+1: