Huel is now shipping to France


I’m excited to say that Huel is now shipping to France, the delivery charge is £5 for up to 31kg.

Please help spread the word. :slight_smile:

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And for less heavy deliveries ? By the way you should add an option to display prices in euros.

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Yes smaller sizes are slightly cheaper - e.g. 0kg to 0.25kg - One flavour pouch = £4.20

See full details here:

We have looked at pricing in Euros and it’s on the very long task list, so we will get around to it but we don’t currently have an date when it will be live.

Complete with black & white striped long armed Huel branded mime artist shirt and a sample of the new garlic flavour pack!

And a free figure of Henry the Vth standing tall after the battle of Azigncourt

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