Huel is really going to save on food weight for my summer festival!

Going to pack 5 litre or two and a tub or huel maybe small tubs of presized huel. Should be fun!

On a side note, how do we add a profile picture?

Fantastic! An awesome idea. What festival are you going to if you don’t mind me asking?

In the top right of the screen when you’re logged in should be your current logo. Click on that, then click on the small gear icon that appears just below.

On that page you can change your profile picture!

Thank you. Will change it later.

And I use the term festival loosely, it will be a private weekend airsoft event we just call it a festival because the first one was held on the same weekend as Download

Airsoft! Awesome. I haven’t been to an airsoft event before only paint balling but do have an mp5 full auto electric and a glock 18c gas. I’ve lived in a flat for 7 years so no garden to use them in sadly. Cool idea taking huel. Will save loads of time.