Huel & Minimalism

I started using Huel in June 2016 and it was in August that I discovered the minimalist lifestyle. I think Huel is a perfect example of minimalism - a simple, deliberate way of living in line with many of the minimalist principles. Is anyone else living the minimalist life?


Have you got any particular reading you could recommend on this one? Even stuff online to do with the ‘minimalist lifestyle’?


What defines a minimalist? There’s no such thing in the modern world. People like to think they’re a ‘minimalist’ but realistically they’re the same as anyone else and consume just as much. Their houses might have nothing in them but they still drive a big hunk of metal made from thousands of parts to work, they still use water from their taps which runs through thousands of miles of copper pipe and they still need to be kept warm at night by a central heating system also made from hundreds of parts. I could go on and on.

Huel is no more minimalist to me than making a sandwich for work. I use it everyday but I still need a container for it, I need to store the bags somewhere, I have to use a spoon to measure it, another for the coffee. I need to store it in my big fridge unit. When I combine the washing up of the container everyday, it actually takes me about the same time to make Huel as it does a healthy sandwich.

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“healthy sandwich” - it’s 9:43 and I’ve found my oxymoron for the day =p

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So you’re saying there’s no such thing as a health sandwich? Okay.


I’ve reading ready the blogs and essay from these two guys - The minimalists

I also enjoy the website

There are plenty of sites on the web, they reference each others work and advice.


Minimalism looks interesting, I’d certainly love to have an inventory of all the paraphernalia I own. It would be fascinating.

Minimalism: The Documentary appears to be a load of people moaning about being miserable because they have too much stuff.

I bought a copy on Betamax in case anyone needs to see it. Think it is on Netflix too.

Why does it have to be “too much stuff” vs “a minimum amount of stuff”? Why not just have a moderate amount of stuff? There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with having stuff, as long as it doesn’t take over your life.


Good starting blocks, thank you!

I’m saying the best way to have a healthy sandwich would be if you took your top quality ingredients that you were putting into a couple of slices of bread, and got rid of the bread.

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What’s wrong with bread?

There is no bread.

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If there is no bread then there is no sandwich.

A better question would be whats right with bread. Even if you went in on a load like Burgen, one that really prided(and priced) itself as a healthy bread with grains and relatively high protein and fibre per slice, you’d STILL be looking at quite the blood sugar spike and carb load. Now if you’re eating white bread, or a baguette, then it just goes off the chain completely, blood sugar wise, and you’ve lost what negligible fibre and protein that was somewhat offsetting the carb bomb you were pushing into your blood.

In a nutshell, bread is unnecessary at best, and downright bad for you at worst.

Further reading:


Welcome to minimalism :wink:


Yeah, bread and milk, two foods the human race could do with dumping for good.

Do not ask what is wrong with the bread for that is impossible. Instead, try to see that there is no bread.

I certainly like the idea of owning less. I’ve asks friends and family not to get me any Christmas presents this year, apart from a few pairs of socks :slight_smile:


We have done the same. I am buying my wife a couple of little things, and that is it.

We have a minimalist Xmas tree…it is a piece of twisted willow. Looks really good, and we have done that for years.

When we got married we asked our friends and family to donate any money in lieu of presents to an animal sanctuary.