Huel muffin and thick paste

Hi, I’ve got un-Huel, but I don’t like it as a shake, so usually I’m making it in to a thick paste or make a muffin/cake. Using one scoop of huel, egg and one teaspoon of coconut oil plus some water. 2 minutes in microwave and it’s ready. Yes, I know microwave is not healthy, but it’s better as huel sits only 2 minutes in high temperature. Brilliant as it’s making it low carb and high protein and high fat. Just as a treat, but it’s working out very well and help with the taste :slight_smile:

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If it’s the taste that’s an issue when you’re drinking it try picking yourself up a blender. Easiest way to change the taste, chuck in a bit of fruit or some other ingredient and blend it all up. You could also try making it up the night before and letting it sit in the fridge overnight, when it’s cold and has been sitting for a while the flavour is definitely less sweet than it is when freshly made.

I’ve got un-huel, it’s not sweet. Just don’t like the taste much, that is all, prefer it much more as a paste than drink. Everybody is different :slight_smile: I’ve got a flavour pouch (mocha), thought it’s going to taste more like coffee, well, it’s not :smiley: for the fruit, they are high in sugar and calories… tried blender, tried the fridge for the night, nope, didn’t work. Also it fills me better than a drink, I think it’s got a lot to do with chewing, so the brain is getting a signal that I actually EAT something.

Neat idea making a Huel cake in a mug! Sorry the taste isn’t to your liking and that mocha isn’t coffee flavoured enough. Why don’t you add coffee? I just put instant granules to the cold water and shake it up with my Huel and it works great!

yes, I tried coffee now, it’s much better, just thought it’s going to be quicker with the powder :wink: I don’t drink instant coffee, so just prepared some in coffee maker and that worked. Unfortunately I noticed like some other ladies here that my skin doesn’t like too much huel. Now it’s only for a quick breakfast. I’ve almost got rid of acne on a paleo/primal diet, but it started to come back on 100% huel. So back to veggies and lean protein for me :smiley:


Could you share more specifics about your mug cake recipe? i.e. how much water do you add to one scoop Huel? Is it one egg per scoop? Is the scoop 90ml or 100ml?
Thanks. I’m also interested in finding more varied ways to consume Un-Huel. BTW, according to WHO and numerous researches the microwave doesn’t do anything more or less than just heat up the water molecules in the food. So the “not healthy” part would only refer to heating up Huel in general which isn’t exactly good because some ingredients (i.e. vitamins) are temperature-sensitive.

Yes heating can have an effect on some of the nutrients in Huel, but not drastically. James wrote an article about it here -

But would love to hear more details about the Huel mug cake! Fellow Hueler did a recipe too on her YouTube account here -

Hi, it depends on an egg, smaller egg needs more water. I’ts one scoop and one egg plus a dash of water, to create texture of, I would say, a yoghurt :slight_smile: