Huel muffins and cookies recipes

Hi all!! Been on huel about 2 months now and love it, I feel fresh and awake with loads of energy too I’ve also lost a lot of weight in down to 13st which is amazing for me seeing as I was 16st in December, I want to go on huel 100% I’ve tried this before but I miss chewing lol it’s the only let down for me so if anyone has any recipes using huel like muffins or cookies so I don’t feel so bad chewing I’ll love you for life!! Thank you huelers!!!


the link below may help and I understand a recipe book is in the works.


Just had a nose and it looks like I’m gonna be a chef at the weekend!! You sir are a legend thank you

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Some of the cook book pictures are unbelievable. Ignoring the terribly cropping which definitely wasn’t done by me and the fact this isn’t even the best one, I’m very excited.