I'm new to Huel. <3

Good afternoon everyone,
I’m new to Huel. Well I ordered it and tasted it about a month ago, but hadn’t really gotten round to starting it properly. I’m using Huel for weight loss. I’m replacing 2 of my meals a day with Huel. I made some Huel cookies yesterday, I’m eating one of those for breakfast, having a Huel shake (just 1 scoop with a blended banana) for lunch, and having homemade soup for dinner, I’m hoping to shift a lot of weight for the summer. Some of the stories I’ve read on here are inspirational, I can’t wait to start seeing and feeling the results for myself.

Cookies I made yesterday with Huel, they really are delicious. <3


Great to hear how you are doing! Thank you for choosing Huel and welcome to the Forum! Keep us updated with your progress. Well done on the cookies! They look great!