Huel & Multiple Sclerosis

Hi everyone, I just started taking Huel a few months ago. Having been diagnosed with early stage MS in 2007, I have always tried to stay as active as possible. I’ve found that Huel not only keeps my energy levels up, I truly believe that it also helps to keep my brain and cognitive function in good health too! I would highly recommend this to anyone with MS. Take this as an aid in combatting the truly devastating effects that it can have with muscle degradation and cognitive function. I would love to hear anyone else’s thoughts on Huel and any medical condition you have! Keep up the great work guys!


Thank you so much for letting us know about overwhelmingly positive experiences with Huel. It sounds like a constant battle for you and I’m glad that Huel is helping you to manage your MS. Thank you for choosing Huel :blush:

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Hi there!
Just started Huel and am dealing with MS as well. Your post makes me even more interested in trying this. Got 18 kg to lose. I am dealing with fatigue big time.


I’ve now started adding Matcha green tea powder to my huel for added health benefits. Boosts my energy levels massively whilst increasing my metabolic rate. Also feel as though it is boosting my cognitive function as well. Better memory retention, thinking faster etc. Give it a try.


My only advice I can give anyone with MS is to try and stay as fit and active as you can possibly manage. Don’t let it beat you!

Try adding Matcha tea powder, or raspberry ketone powder ( or both). Gives a little boost to your metabolism and definetly aids weight loss

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Good luck. Hope it gives you a bit more spring in your step. Try the calorie counter too to help work out your daily intake.

Hi Baz - Just about the give Huel a go! I have RRMS. This post in particular is very interesting! I work fulltime and have issue with energy levels, I have actually not heard of Matcha green tea, but I will certainly be doing some research on this and possibly giving it a go!
May I ask what daily levels of Huel you started with?

Hi, I use a couple of heaped scoops in the morning with around 450ml of Oat milk or rice milk. I am lactose intolerant hence why I don’t use normal milk. I find it helps keep the energy levels up and I rarely feel tired or lethargic. I think the added matcha green tea powder aids in detoxifying the body as well as sharpening the mind! If you can bear the taste and texture mind you! The health benefits are huge as Huel is packed with all the vitamins and minerals your body needs! Give at a try and let me know what you think

Looks like this post is over a year old now, any updates with your MS? I’m recently diagnosed and would love to hear how it’s worked out long term.

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My advice to you would be to do your best to shift the excess weight. Reduce your calorific intake using Huel twice a day perhaps. And try and do as much exercise as you can possibly manage. I like rowing or swimming myself. It all helps! I’m still fighting fit and I was diagnosed 12 years ago now. Also keep your mind active, learn a new language or something. Good luck

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Thanks so much for your reply! I’m scared of lots of foods right now since I don’t know how they affect MS, so hearing yours is under control while you take Huel is a huge help for me. I fully agree exercise and diet is key.

On the topic of fatigue, whilst nutrition/Huel is surely making a great positive impact, don’t overlook sleeping enough.
It’s fairly common in western society to not get the approx 8h per day that your body and brain needs. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious issues both short and long-term. Search for Matthew Walker if you’re curious, he’s basically a sleep scientist and gave a Ted Talk and wrote a book about the topic.