Weight loss with Multiple sclerosis

I have until 23 August to lose weight before attending my sister’s wedding.

I have been dealing with MS for 20 years already and have really been struggling since my last relapse. I lost a lot of my mobility, balance is affected and fatigue is a massive impact on quality of life. And then Menopause came and joined the party :disappointed:

I’ve put on a lot of weight and feel bloated most of the time.

So the plan is to replace most meals with huel. Since I am a lousy cook it should be easy to do.

I am working out once a week with a trainer and move as much as possible every day.

Age: 54 years
Height 170 cm
Weight 87.2 kg


Wishing you the best of luck. I am going back to Huel tomorrow (can’t remember how many times I’ve said that). It seems so easy, just drink the gloop instead of cooking and wasting time in the kitchen. In the evenings after my usual binges I am convinced I’m going to succeed. But I find it a completely different mindset after sometimes just half a day. I have gone 2 days of 100% Huel but my intake was only 1,200 cals so obviously it was too low. On the 2nd day I felt amazing and wondered why people waste time eating normally. However by the afternoon I was starving. So I will increase my calorie intake to 1,600. It would be good if we could do a daily or weekly post on here to keep us motivated :grin:

Hello, at least the scale is moving in the right direction, I am down to 86 kg.

So far it’s easy, not much temptation.

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I lasted half a day - again!

Don’t give up! Have a light snack when you feel hungry and then go back to Huel. Be kind to yourself :slight_smile:

All the best :grin:

(I remember seeing threads regarding MS & Huel, you should check them out, there’s probably some helpful advice there!)

Hi Guys
I have been on Huel for 4 weeks now and just came across the MS link. Thank you for this and I will take my time reading thru it all so I don’t ask the same questions already asked.
Great product Huel and been enjoying it since the start.
I was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago when I woke up one morning and was totally numb from the waste down. After 2 weeks I went to Hospital and demanded a CT Scan. They looked at me and said not sure why. I told them how I felt and got my Scan.
The reports showed 3 Legions on Brain affected and a Minor Stroke.
Life has been hard adapting but Family and Friends amazing as I am sure with you as well it is such a difficult illness to explain.
Thank you to Huel for having this up on their site and what a great Family atmosphere within the site.
Thank you for reading
Gary Smith…The WildBrit