Huel - My First Impressions

I’ve been using soylent products for about a year now and pretty much 100% during 2015. Obviously the official Rosa Labs soylent is not available in Europe yet but there are plenty European products to choose from. I was drawn to Huel as it is the only product that does not contain maltodextrin and being diabetic, maltodextrin will spike sugar levels.

Delivery was very fast, ordered Tuesday afternoon and delivered Thursday morning. You can’t get better than that. I received the delivery details by email and opted to make a request to have the package left on the back doorstep in case I was out. As it happens, I was out and was pleased to see the package on the back doorstep. Even better, the driver had taken a photograph which I could see on the email link. I’ve never experienced this before, a brilliant use of technology.

In the package was two bags of Huel, a decent quality shaker and a smart t shirt, good enough for the gym as well as wearing casually. No complaints at all.

I’ve been used to single meal bags, simply tear the top, pour into the blender and let it wizz so measuring by scoop is new for me. Bit of a nuisance but no big deal to measure out four scoops and add to the water in the blender. I use a nutribullet to blend and it does the job well. The Huel powder does have a vanilla scent to it and other than that, it’s an innocent looking powder. Mixing in the blender was easy and left no lumps or powder residue at all, in fact the result was a smooth quite thick creamy looking beige liquid.

Although it is flavoured with vanilla, I couldn’t actually taste it. There is a dominant flavour to it, not sure if it’s the pea protein or the oats but you can taste it. The liquid stays in suspension and no thick dregs at the bottom of the glass. It’s not unpleasant by any means, sweet tasting and very filling.

I checked my blood sugar several times over a three hour period and there was no sugar spike. Sugar level did rise, as it does when ever I eat, but it was within acceptable ranges, which is great.

Overall, I was impressed, a nice product and great to see the UK leading the way by eliminating maltodextrin.


Hi @davidmccarlie

Thank you so much for this indepth feedback, excellent info for other potential users.

We occasionally share customer feedback on our facebook page, would it be ok if we shared yours?

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Of course, feel free to do so

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Thank you @davidmccarlie